Weekly review and random notes…

Let’s see here….

Last week:

• Get the trim of my dining room painted. I got one coat done, on half the room, then promptly ran out of tape. I will be doing another coat today.
• Try to figure out paint colours for the living room. Nope, didn’t happen!
• Get started on autumn exchange piece (which of course involves shopping for supplies). Got the supplies for it, including finishing fabrics, but that was it. I got sidetracked by another project…
• Get the bottom chunk of the border done on my Gifts by the Sea piece. See above note…
• Get at least 2 hours of knitting in. Got about an hour in… trying again!
• Get one more page of my personal website up (and fix the current intro page). Well, I would if I could figure out how to grab something from Photoshop and html-ize it to look the same!!!

So for this week:

• Get tape and finish painting trim. For real this time.
• Actually get started stitching the autumn exchange piece…
• Go through stuff in the house and prep for garage sale on Saturday
• Help FIL go through stuff in his house and prep for garage sale on Saturday
• Finish painting FIL’s house and trim, get started on fence.

… School starts tomorrow, so I should actually get some of this stuff done! Kimber is pretty excited – because Science is on the menu! She actually gets to do experiments! lol

We have told Mr. Landlord that we are staying the winter. And the nice fellow said, “well, I will help you put up plastic on the windows – that will save some heat.” No kidding? We were planning on doing that anyways. The $350/month it costs to heat this place in winter will just be worse this year. And, perhaps it could have something to do with THE GIANT HOLE IN THE BASEMENT that you have been telling us you would fix up??? Ok, take a deep breath, onto the next topic.

Scott’s headaches are deminishing now that the tooth is pulled. He is still getting them, but they are less frequent. Not enough to go off his medication altogether, but it is a start.

This weekend has been a busy one. Scott went into work on Saturday, and FIL took the girls out for the afternoon. SIL & I spent the afternoon going through MIL’s crafts. That was … interesting… She always denied being a packrat, but evidence prooves otherwise. It was hard coming accross a few things, but it was necessary to just buckle down and get it done. I ended up with a bunch of stuff for upcoming projects – oodles of candle-making stuff, ribbon, paints and stenciling stuff. We are about 1/2 way done, so hopefully I can finish that up this week.

On Sunday SIL and FIL’s GF and her grandkids and me and my girls went to our local beach for a Monarch catch and release. It was very cool. The gentleman had caught a number of Monarch butterflies and was storing them in envelopes in a cooler (I guess it puts them to “sleep”), then tagging them and passing them to the children to release. Once they reach Mexico, they are counted and their migratory patterns tracked. Here are some pics:

**NOTE: I do not have permission from this guy to post his picture on the internet, moreover I have no idea who he is except for the fact that he is the one who does the catching and tagging of the butterflies.**

Lauryn feeling the little fairy (and you can’t convince me otherwise!):

The kids:

One of two deer we saw frolicking:

I brought my camera on Sunday because I have decided the only way I will get better at photography is to actually take photos (go figure!). SIL got much better photos, but then she is a professional. You can check out some of her work here. When she uploads photos of our excursion (pretty soon, I imagine – she is pretty fast about that), I will post a link for y’all.

Even though this is a long weekend here in Canada (and in the US, I understand), Scott still has to work. 😦 The plus is that he is getting paid time & 1/2. Yay! It just means it is a regular day in our household.

So, as you well might imagine, no stitching got done this weekend. Or knitting for that matter. I am going to have to boogie on that tank if I want to wear it this year!

I think that is all for now (as if this wasn’t enough! lol). Hopefully I will be able to sit down later today and get some stitching done!


One thought on “Weekly review and random notes…

  1. Jenna

    You are certainly a busy, busy woman! I wish I had 1/10th of your energy. 🙂

    Glad to hear that Scott’s headaches are lessening. I suffer from headaches, as well, so I share his pain and am glad that pulling the tooth has given him some much-needed relief!


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