A myriad of things…

Ok, I am back! There have been lots happening, so let’s start from the beginning:

Tuesday was the first day of school. Kimber started grade one, and she was very excited – she got to learn science! Here is her first day picture:

She was so excited. She went fully equipped with her new Spongebob backpack and lunch bag. It turned out most of her SK class was in the other grade one class, so she didn’t know anyone in her new class. She is starting to make friends, though.

Lauryn has taken it upon herself to assume Kimber’s responsibilities while she is at school. That means, Lauryn has decided to keep me busy by being rotten! On Tuesday, she decided it would be ok to write on my stitching. This, coupled with the temper tantrums, and general misbehavior, my rope continually got shorter. She is normally very good, as both my girls are. Since school has started, though… Anyway, she wrote on my sister’s tribute piece, which effectively took it out of my plans for the week – I was hoping ot make it my focus piece this week. I went on the TWBB, and the wonderful people there directed me to take it out with hairspray. I did so last night, and it worked!! Thankfully!

Wednesday morning Lauryn was at it again. You know those kids that go off the handle in public and the parents who get the dirty looks for not controlling their child? That was us at the library. We promptly left.

I then went and signed up to be a Girl Guide leader this year. I have been thinking to do that since May, and finally got most of the paperwork done. I was repeatedly asked to run the troop. I have no doubt it would be in my abilities to do so, but I have never even been associated with Girl Guides before, other than Kimber being a spark last year – and then all I did was drop her off and pick her up. I said, eventually, I wouldn’t mind, but perhaps for this year, I can just assist and get to know what I am doing. Seems my timing for signing up was just right – signups for Sparks was last night, and I had to be there. Unfortunately that meant I had to miss a stitching get together, but I do what I have to. Thursday nights from now on are no longer mine. But! I will at least be home in time for CSI!!

We tried to head back to the library after that. Lauryn has been going crazy telling everyone she is going to school. It is hard to tell her she won’t be going for another two years! Because of her late birthday, she has to wait longer than we would like. So, I looked into the programs starting at the library. There is a program starting in October on Mondays for her age group, so she now has a “school” she can go to. I am still trying to find a playgroup or something for her that will keep her busy, so we will see.

So, on to stitching. Since the sister’s piece is out of commission, I have been working on Gifts by the Sea. Here is my progress:

I should be able to finish this piece by the end of the month.

While going through MIL’s stuff over the weekend, we found this piece:

This is one I did up for MIL years ago – she had it stored amongst oodles of other stuff. Note the horriffic framing – I glued it to cardboard! 😮

I think that is all the updates for now. Ta!


4 thoughts on “A myriad of things…

  1. Patti

    Christine your daughter is adorable. Hope she enjoyed her day and it sounds like Lauryn is feeling a little left out. Hopefully the library group will help ease her through that and I’m so glad to read you were able to get the writing out of your piece. I love the looks of the sea piece.

  2. Terri

    I love your blog! I have a grandson starting first grade. It is so cute to see these sweet kids starting out. Love your MIL piece.

  3. Carol

    Congratulations to Kimber! Science is very, very important 🙂 Your seaside wip is just so beautiful – yep, I think you can finish it this month too!


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