Monday update

Loads and loads to talk about this week. Let’s start with weekly goals.

Let’s see – last week:

• Get tape and finish painting trim. For real this time.
Uh, no.
• Actually get started stitching the autumn exchange piece…
I did get started – I got about 50 stitches in last night.
• Go through stuff in the house and prep for garage sale on Saturday
I got a broken phone, and a shear curtain. That’s it.
• Help FIL go through stuff in his house and prep for garage sale on Saturday
Yes. I did do that, although there are oodles of tubs still needing to be sorted – full of MIL’s craft stuff!
• Finish painting FIL’s house and trim, get started on fence.
Not even close.

For this week:

• Sort through 6 more tubs of craft supplies
• Finish reading “Angels & Demons” – the library wants it back.
• Get organized for my first Sparks meeting Thursday – all paperwork/calendars, ect. needs to be done.
• Get my child organized for her first Sparks meeting – this means actually stitching on all her badges from last year onto her sash.
• Get 1/2 done with my autumn piece

I am keeping this week much less strainuous. We will see.

I mentioned “Angels & Demons”. Let me do a short book report here.

I am not enjoying this book as I thought I would. The three-paragraph chapters are extremely irritating – is this supposed to make the story more exciting? I am about 3/4 of the way through and it is starting to get predictable. I am anxious to see who the insider is, though. I have my guess, but I will have to see.

On to other things – Friday was an interesting day. I was scrambling around the house trying to get things together for my show on Saturday, when I got a call from SIL asking for help. I picked up Kimber from school and went over there to sort out the basement, trying to get stuff together for the garage sale. I ended up with a van load full of plastic tubs full of craft stuff. I have finished sorting through and got a bunch of fabric, ribbons, paints, etc. There was a lovely little mini-quilt MIL had started, of some Victorian dolls. I plan to finish it off and give it to one of the girls for Christmas.

After we had stuffed ourselves with pizza, SIL offered to take the girls while I went to pick up Scott and we went to 5 different houses. We did manage to find the perfect house and yard – just not together. We found a 6 bedroom home that is HUGE!!!, but it has very little yard (about 3′ all around the house), and some knob and tube wiring – which we can probably be asked to be replaced before we offer, since most of the house is already switched over. As for the yard, it has a full garden already, an area growing raspberries (which will be cut in half if we take the place), a lovely pattio in a secluded area, a play area, and a huge garage. The house is an older house, but the kitchen has recently been re-done and it looks quite nice. The only issue is it is only 3 bedroom. We could make it work for us, since it does have some options for expansion, so we may have to inconvenience ourselves for a while. It is hard to like that house, though, after seeing the gargantuan house. We have a bank appointment on Wednesday, to try and figure out exactly where our credit is, and get a good number that we can actually work with. We shall see!

Saturday I was up EARLY (yuck) and over at the garage sale. It was freezing and there was no reason for me to really be there (since all I had was one phone and a set of sheers), so I was allowed to go home – before anyone else was up. Nice! That allowed me the time to finish getting ready for the show that I didn’t finish on Friday. The show went well, we ate and chatted, life is good. I went through a few tubs.

Sunday was a SAL with my friend Rebecca. I packed up the kids and my stitching and headed over for a nice relaxing time. Here is what I did:

This is my tribute piece on the new fabric (the one Lauryn wrote on). It is stitching up so much nicer and faster than the other fabric. Yee haw.

I managed to get a few stitches into my autumn exchange piece. I would like to get that one done soon, too. Unfortunately, I can’t show you. Sorry.

Karen sent out our Christmas Exchange names, so I can jump in to that one, as well. I was pleased by name – I have admired her work for a while, and I hope that what I have chosen for her suits her.

Before I go, I leave you with my kitties – checking out the dog next door.

4 thoughts on “Monday update

  1. Jenna

    Those two kitties are precious! LOVE the photo of them looking at the dog. Too funny. 🙂

    Your tribute piece looks nice so far. I’m glad it’s working up quickly for you.

    And I hope you find the perfect house. I know it’s out there waiting for you. You just have to search it out. I hope the meeting with the bank advisor goes well!

  2. -missy-

    Wow I’m exhuasted reading your blog!!! LOL
    The kitties are wonderful. Much like my tow kitties. 🙂

    The stitching looks great. I love the fabric.

    Good luck on the house hunting!!!


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