The dangerous sport of Cross Stitching

Yep, it’s dangerous. I am experiencing more aches and pains than a woman of 28 should. I know this isn’t normal! Let me splain – no, is too much. Let me sum up:

I have been recently converting over to qsnaps, to facilitate two handed stitching. Well I was stitching on my autumn exchange piece, which I have been doing in-hand, since my eyesight isn’t all that great (I will go see an optomitrist soon, I promise), and my hand has been cramping. Cramping so bad, in fact, I have had to do something other than stitching. I don’t know why this is happening, since I have always stitched in hand, but it is causing shooting pain all the way up to my elbow. Not cool.

Add to this my bad posture, and an even worse computer chair. My back and tailbone have seen better days. I was quite a site late last night. I couldn’t uncramp my hand, and I couldn’t sit comfortably to stitch with the two-handed method. I am old before my time!


Last night’s sparks meeting went great. We have some wonderful girls and we had loas of fun. This is going to be fun, I think. I have received my new guiding name – Tiger Lily. Kind of suits, I think.

I was reviewing my to-do list last night, and was pleased – everything is done except for the autumn exchange piece. That is with good reason – I am out of ink in my printer to print out the pattern, so I have been sitting at my desk to stitch. That isn’t working out to well, and I am going to have to find the time to go to the library and get it printed out.

The home inspector is coming over this afternoon to do an apraisal on the house. Not really anything to be concerned about, but it will be interesting to see what he values the house at.

I have spent most of my morning surfing this site: White Willow Stitching, thanks to Carol. Some incredible designs, that might be the inbetween before I move on to any HAED designs. The only issue I have with HAED designs is I have never seen one actually stitched. Since the site only shows the art pieces, I have no idea how it would actually look stitched up. We shall have to see, I guess.

Jenna – Hee! 100 cups of coffee would be nirvana! ROFL!

I am going to have to look at the cool guns. I do like the stuff I can do with a glue gun, I just can’t stop burning myself! I just need to stop being so cheap! lol

That’s all for today! Ta!


3 thoughts on “The dangerous sport of Cross Stitching

  1. Carol

    Hi Christine – boy can I relate to you! I have lately developed lower back pains that I know are from curling up and stitching on the sofa! I don’t want to quit stitching, but had best find some better position too!!

    The White Willow designs are lovely!! I also think they would be a good transition into HAED. Stitching Bits & Bobs carries them and often has them on sale too 🙂

    Yep, would love to do a Woodland Fairy SAL! Perhaps next year??

  2. Patti

    Poor Tiger Lilly! I had the same problem with Qsnaps so I just returned to stitching in hand and left it at that. Something about the way the hand is held I guess. I wonder if you padded the side you are holding so it’s thinker and your hand doesn’t cup so much? Good luck.

  3. Melanie

    Haha. Love the Princess Bride reference 🙂 Sorry about the aches and pains. It’s not fair when your hobby causes such problems. And *do* get your eyes checked out soon… from one who knows!


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