Adventures in Knitting

Today I had time to knit. And here is what I did:

Woo hoo! I am half done. I got about 5 hours of knitting in today. If I can get a similar amount next week, I should be done! I am so excited! As previously mentioned, the pattern is from Hip Knits. The pattern is extremely simple, which is good, since I am only just learning this whole knitting thing (ok, I learned it as a child, but this time I WANT to learn it – hence my rememberance of it). I have discovered some issues. The only description and pictures they have for binding off the yarn is the 3-needle bind-off. And it makes absolutely no sense to me, except when binding a circular pattern. Which, of course, this wasn’t. I had to search the internet for a simple binding-off and fortunately it is extremely easy. The other issue, is after binding off the edges of the arm holes, I was left with stitches in the centre of the piece and I had no idea how to join the yarn to begin on those centre stitches. I could find nothing online to solve this issue, either. I found plenty to change colours or to add a new ball of yarn, but nothing for starting fresh. So – I guessed. I weaved it into the wrong side and tied it off, with the yarn running out of the first stitch of the centre pieces. So, knitters, what should I do here?

Anyway, I am hoping for another day like today some time soon. I already have plans for a cartigan! (Hey – why start small?)


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Knitting

  1. Jenna

    It looks great, Christine! I love the light, lemony color of it. 🙂 Sorry, I haven’t knitted since I was a child, so I can’t help you out…


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