Monday’s Resolutions

Ok. So last week:

• Sort through 6 more tubs of craft supplies. Done!
• Finish reading “Angels & Demons” – the library wants it back. Done – and fortunately the ending made up for the irritating short chapters.
• Get organized for my first Sparks meeting Thursday – all paperwork/calendars, ect. needs to be done. Done! Meeting went swimmingly!
• Get my child organized for her first Sparks meeting – this means actually stitching on all her badges from last year onto her sash. Done!
• Get 1/2 done with my autumn piece Not so much – I am about 1/4 of the way through.

This week:

• Set up a rotation that works. This is a huge job – not looking forward to it! I have to figure out all the exchange deadlines and still have time for all the other stuff I want to stitch. *sigh*
• Clean out DD’s room, set up shelf for her toys so they are off the floor.
• Paint trim in dining room (seriously this time. I am wearing my shoes, à la Flylady.)
• Make visual progress on knitted tank.



2 thoughts on “Monday’s Resolutions

  1. Jenna

    Congratulations on achieving so much of what you intended to this past week and best wishes on making similar progress on your list this week. 🙂


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