A Stitching Update

I managed to get a bunch of stitching yesterday, and since it was Christmas theme day, I worked on some card motifs.

This one was fun – I embellished a bit with sparklies and whisper thread. This came from Donna Kooler’s 555 Fabulous Cross-Stitch Patterns.

This came from Sue Cook’s Wonderful Cross Stitch Collection.

This one came from The Cross Stitcher Magazine, December 2000. I really didn’t like the colours called for, so I think only one is the actual colour. The rest are from my own choosing. Next week I will try and do 3 more motifs from this magazine. This is the only issue from this magazine that I actually plan on stitching more than one design. I never really liked it, but this issue has potential!

It was difficult finding motifs the correct size in all the magazines and books I have. I will have to get some online freebies, I guess.

Tonight is Gifts by the Sea. I don’t think I will get a lot done as I have a guiding meeting tonight, but hopefully I will get an hour or two in.


7 thoughts on “A Stitching Update

  1. Isabelle

    They’re all so cute! My favourite is the little Santa. So you can send the rocking-horse to Amanda and the Santa to me, and keep the poinsettias and candle for you. Unless someone claims the poinsettias of course. ;o)

  2. Kali

    Hey Christine, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes both the items on my post are knitted in wool and washed in hot water in my washer to shrink and give it a “felt” look. 🙂


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