The SBQ and random thoughts

Today’s Stitching Blogger’s Question is:

Have you ever just quit a project while in the midst of it? (We’re not referring to UFOs here, rather projects that you know that you’ll never work on again.) Why? What did you do with it – throw it out, give it away, put it away?

I have thrown out a couple of projects – these were started when I was just learning and I got in over my head – and there was far too much to frog that I just got rid of it. The only other UFO I have I may give away – they are a Wal-Mart type kit, some thin cotton tea towels that I really didn’t like stitching – although it isn’t a huge project. I could just finish it off and give it charity or something….


I learned something new yesterday, thanks to Kali. She posted on her blog yesterday some felting projects. I had no idea why leading up to this blog she was showing off her knitting and calling it felting. Now I know. I even went so far as to pick up a felting project sheet at Michaels last night! Thanks, Kali!


Speaking of Michaels, we were there last night to pick up a Christmas/birthday present for Kimber from her tante Angela. She had been looking at a pottery wheel for ages, and I happened to have a 40% off coupon that made the wheel just enough to use her gift certificate. So she is happy now! Of course, while we were there, I had to pick up other little things… but can’t show them to you yet!


And finally – remember those postings by Isabelle and Carol about Cat’s in Sinks?


I finally got a picture of Turkey in his favourite resting spot! I guess since it is nice and cool there, and the tap leaks a little so he doesn’t have to go far for refreshment…

11 thoughts on “The SBQ and random thoughts

  1. Kali

    Glad to share about the felting Christine! I absolutely love it for making bags, etc as it makes a stronger finished piece. I’d highly recommend a zippered pillowcase to put your work in so you don’t ruin the washer with fuzz and try a sample first to see how your washer does, I find its not necessary to watch it as closely as they recommend, I usually run a 10 min wash cycle and it comes out nicely. Good Luck 🙂

  2. Isabelle

    Oh, Turkey is such a beauty! Wow! Seems he goes into the shower for just the same reasons as Violette.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your felting projects! This appeals to me as well…

  3. Dawn

    What an adorable kitty! My kitties don’t go close to bathroom at all. Now my dog on the other hand lives in the tub which makes it hard for bath time for the kids!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Lelia

    Christine: What a cutie pie! He is a beautiful cat. In the tub? I don’t think our cats have ever been in the tub. They are very afraid of water.

  5. Gina E.

    Oh Christine, I love Turkey! Our previous two cats were fluffy, and as much as I love our present glossy black pussy Topsy, I do miss having fur all over the place – lol! Love the aqua paw print in the tub next to Turkey – he must think it is his signature..


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