Monthly review

Wow! Put up a picture of a kitty and the world comes out to play! Thanks so much for all the comments! It was funny these last couple of days, every time I sat down at my computer, there was another comment! I love it!

Yes, Turkey is beautiful. But I have a bias – he’s my baby! I have always had a preference for long hairs, and he has such lovely colouring. He is extremely snuggly these last couple of days – not sure what is happening with that, but we shall enjoy it while it lasts.

In order to cut down on jealousy, here is a picture of his brother, Spike:

Sitting in a most regal position, on the top of the stairs. I am sure that in a previous lifetime, he was an Egyptian cat. He certainly walks around with an air of royalty. And every area that can be walked upon, he will walk upon it – for it is his area. No shelf, landing, windowsill, furniture is denied. Hee hee! He has always been snuggly – he just loves all the attention from his pet humans!

Ok, on to other things. I spent money today (do you hear the trumpets blaring, too? Oh. That’s just me). I spent money on…. hand dyed fabric!!!! (Ok, NOW you hear the trumpets, right?)

I am, for the most part, a stash-only stitcher. If it isn’t in my stash, I really don’t need to stitch it (no matter how badly I want to). It keeps my spending down and it seems to be working for now. But!! I am out of fabric. I am now stitching a project, and buying the fabric and floss as I need it. So, I have a few projects coming up that I thought I could splurge a bit on.

There is a member that frequents a couple of the same bulletin boards as I do, and she just launched her own website Tirowen Fabrics. If you haven’t discovered this site yet, I highly recommend it. She has some incredible hand dyes there, and the prices are equally as appealing. A caveat though, I have only just ordered from her, so I don’t know how fast shipping is or anything, although I don’t anticipate issues. She does say that shipping can take 4-6 weeks for some fabrics.

Anyway, you will have to check out the website just to see what fabric I bought in the very least. Here is the list (all items are 28 ct Monaco, since it is cheapest, and I am not that picky with my fabric types):

24x 20 Summer Sky – which I picked out for something, now I can’t remember (oops… but it is such a pretty colour!! I think it was Dracolair’s Midnight Hunting…)
12 x 20 Pixie Glade – to be used for the SBEBB lottery exchange (the name of the fabric goes so well with the pattern I am stitching up! Hint hint!)
24×20 Springmaid – For Mirabilia’s Midsummer Night’s Fairy

And orders over $25 get a free small cut of your choice. I got Antique Parchement. Just cuz it’s pretty.

So, it is the last day of the month, so here is the monthly review and October goals:

For September:

• Finish Gifts by the Sea Nope. I didn’t even work on it a whole lot. I have revamped my rotation, though, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.
• Start & finish autumn exchange piece Almost. I have it all stitched, I just need to pull out my sewing machine and finish it.
• Get at least 10% done with my Sister’s Tribute piece on the new fabric Nope. I did get a chunk done, but I only worked on it one day all month. Again, with my new rotation, this should change.
• Finish my knitted tank Almost. I have no plans for the weekend and should be able to finish it then.
• Get at least one ornament stitched I opted to stitch card motifs instead. I got three of them done.

For October:
• Finish 3 ornaments for various exchanges
• Complete knitted tank
• Try felting (ooooo!)
• Ornamentify all outstanding ornaments.
• Start and finish lottery exchange piece.

That is all the news for now. I think that is enough. Now I sit back and anxiously wait for my fabbies!


6 thoughts on “Monthly review

  1. Isabelle

    Spike is just as gorgeous as his brother! Wow!
    Like you I have a soft spot for long-haired, fluffy kitties ;o)

    We seem to be working in the same way concerning our stash ;o) I ordered my very first Silkweaver in August (and received it yesterday – because of hurricane Katrina). Want to use it for the Feather Fairy, when (if ever?) I’m done with the Petal Fairy.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Melanie

    Thanks for the link to Tirowen Fabrics, Christine (not that I’m falling off the wagon, but later…). Ali is doing some lovely colours:)


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