7 Things Meme

I was tagged by Melissa, so here goes!

7 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
1. Backpack around Europe
2. Visit the pyramids in Mexico and Egypt
3. Skydive
4. Snap my fingers, yell “Garçon!” and have a new daiquiri brought to me while I lay on white sand
5. Eat sushi in Japan
6. Learn kick-boxing
7. Hire a maid

7 Things I Can Do:
1. Cross-stitch
2. Paint
3. Bake bread (and pancakes!) from scratch
4. Type fast
5. Sew
6. Play poker (and not too badly, I might add)
7. Wear heels all day and not have it bother me, thanks to my previous life as an office peon (not that I do – would be uncomfortable while mopping the floor…)

7 Things I Can’t Do:
1. Swim
2. Drive a stick-shift
3. Keep a house plant alive
4. Write Java
5. Follow a first person computer game – makes me nauseous
6. Lift heavy furniture
7. Wrap my head around physics

7 Things that Attract Me to Another Person
1. Arms (must be large and muscular)
2. Sense of humour (being a Monty Python fan helps a lot – I like that dry humour)
3. Intelligence (must have some)
4. Confidence
5. Great hair
6. An open mind
7. A sense of adventure

7 Celebrity Crushes:
The order of preference for these fellows changes daily hourly.
1. Keith Urban
2. Jon Bon Jovi
3. Russel Crowe
4. Will Smith
5. Tim McGraw
6. Antonio Bandaras
7. Enrique Inglasias

7 Things I Say the Most:
There isn’t a lot of these. I even asked Scott. Really.
1. Uh-huh.
2. You are such a freak.
3. Eat your dinner, please!
4. Kimber!
5. Lauryn!
6. I don’t get it.
7. Uh – Hello!

7 Bloggers I will tag:
This is really hard to do – most of the blogs I read have already been tagged…

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