Is it Friday yet?

Sorry I haven’t posted much of real substance – not much has happened. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time stitching, or any crafting for that matter. Something fun to share about yesterday, though:

Lauryn’s first day of “school”!! Here she is, all excited to go. It really isn’t school, but she likes to call it that. It really is 45 minutes of stories, dancing, singing, pretending and crafts. I honestly think it was more fun for the moms in the group. Lauryn did not participate much yesterday, she was very shy until craft time. Give the girl a glue stick and she can conquer anything! She made a lovely bunny yesterday, and it seems that will be the theme all the way along.

I found myself last night watching a particularily interesting Medium (I have never watched that show before – I don’t have a particularily high regard for Patricia Arquette – and she has GOT to have enough money to get those teeth fixed!), I realized just how dumb some commercials are. Here are a couple of examples:

“Only realtors have access to the Multiple Listing Service. MLS listings are available at”
This was spoken at the end of a television commercial for realtors. Only realtors? Do they go to, too?

“For perfectly white teeth for up to 18 months – guaranteed.”
Followed by fine print – “Return for a full refund with receipt within 60 days of purchase.”
This was on a Crest Whitestrips Premium commercial. How do you guarantee a product for up to 18 months, then only return for a refund with in 60 days? Is this new math? I can’t count that high on my fingers….

I am so clever. Jon Stewart, look out!


4 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet?

  1. Jenna

    Lauryn looks so cute, Christine. And yes, Patricia Arquette’s teeth drive me NUTS! I stopped watching Medium in favor of CSI: Miami this season.

    Besides, I now have Ghost Whisperer on Fridays and Jennifer Love Hewitt is much easier to watch. LOL

  2. Patti

    What a great picture – your daughters are adorable! I will have to try and check out Patricia Arquettes teeth now – that is bothering me! I don’t watch TV much these days but will have to try and find the show you mentioned.


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