Shark adventures and Stitching

Here is the Stitching Bloggers Question for today:

When you have almost finished a pattern and start thinking about the next one to stitch, how do you select it? (a list, most recent purchase, etc.)

The one in my stash that screams the loudest!!!!

That was easy!

In other stitching news…

This is stitching suprisingly fast, considering it is a Teresa Wentzler. The confetti stitching isn’t all that horrible, and the more I stitch it the more excited I am about finishing it. So I stitch more. Nice how that works out!
I wanted to share some art work that Lauryn recently did:

Note the signature on the bottom right hand corner:

She wrote her own name!!!!! How exciting is that! And one can recognize the letters! It is so cool. Kimber was a quick learner, but she couldn’t spell her own name before she was 3. And it is Kimber’s lessons that inspire Lauryn. She is such a great teacher.
On to shark adventures (Shark bait – who haha) – last night the girls and I tried shark steak. I hunted around the internet for recipes and finally decided to fry it with some Italian dressing as a marinade.

DEEEELICIOUS!!!! We all loved it. It is rare I find something all three of us love. I was surprised. I highly recommend it.

This morning I went back to the grocery store hoping to find some more, since the ones I picked up before were only a couple of dollars per steak, which is a great price here. There was no shark, so I thought to check out the other samples. My eyes spotted the Rainbow Trout – a nice dish we frequently had growing up. Then I spotted the price tag – over $10 for one filet!!!!! How ridiculous for that – certainly trout is easier to come by than shark!!! So tonight we are having hamburger.


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