Fall is here!

Two days ago it was hot here. HOT. We were considering turning on the a/c again. Today, we are wearing sweaters and slippers. It is a couple of degrees cooler in the house than I like, but we will hold off turning on the heat for a little while anyway. Not really worth it for a couple of degrees. This afternoon the oven will be on anyway, so it should warm things up a bit.

I did not bake yesterday. It seems it costs just as much to buy pre-made pies as it does to get all the ingredients. And I a huge fan of pumpkin pie (read: I don’t like it at all), so I really don’t have much interest in my house smelling like one, either. This afternoon I will be baking some cherry turnovers, and that will be it.

Instead, I did the finishing on my autumn exchange. Note to self: buy a finishing book!! I created as I went, and it turns out I cannot sew in a zipper. At all. Then, I as I proudly inspected the finished product, I noticed my motif was OFF CENTRE!!!! How did I possibly do that???

Oh well. It adds personality, I guess. I will be mailing it out on Tuesday, since the post office is closed on Monday, so you should be seeing pictures early next week. All in all, it does look pretty cool.

That’s all for today. Ta!


3 thoughts on “Fall is here!

  1. Stitchie Kiwi

    Enjoy your long weekend Christine – I hope you find time to stitch.

    As for the finishing … I’m still learning too and learning that’s it all practice, practice, practice … I bet your Exchange piece is just beautiful, can’t wait to see it 🙂

  2. Terri

    I read all about the license and tickets etc. Seems the Police in Canada like to pull people over and “check for seat beats”. They never do here. You only get pulled over if in violation and then they check for warrants and tickets. But I haven’t heard of anyone having their license taken away for unpaid tickets.


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