Ornament Finish

This is the ornament I was talking about in a previous post. I decided to show it off because, well, I wanted to and this is my blog. So I can. 😀

It is First Snow, a freebie by The Drawn Thread. I highly doubt I will ever have the desire to stitch this again, so first person to email me with their snail mail address gets it. Not because it is a difficult stitch, quite the contrary. It just isn’t my style.

And so, adieu. Till tomorrow.

Edited to add: ***Seems my wording could be clarified. The pattern is up for grabs. Not the ornament. Though it is pretty and most people would love to have it. It even has sparklies.


7 thoughts on “Ornament Finish

  1. Carol

    That is such a sweet little stitch – well done! I hope it does find a good home (I would claim it, but I really want to stitch it someday myself) 🙂

  2. Isabelle

    Wow, it’s very pretty! Congratulations!

    I would love the chart but if someone from your continent claims it, they must have precedence of course! ;o)

  3. Kali

    Love the ornament Christine! It actually reminds me of the spruce tree growing outside my kitchen window where many birds are often found 😉

  4. Chris

    I printed off this freebie for my stash – but now that I’ve seen it stitched, I think it deserves a place a little higher up on the list! Beautiful!

  5. Rachel

    I have a presentation to give on cross stitching and if you were serious I would love to use this in the presentation. My address is: CTARay, P. O. Box 1045, Castle Rock, WA 98611.
    So, if I receive this for my presentation, thank you from my students and especially from me!!


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