Good morning, everyone. It is a sleepy type of day, today. Yawn.

No update picture today. I worked a bit on Always, but didn’t take a picture to show you since there wasn’t a whole lot done. I think I only stitched for about an hour, and that was during CSI. It is a wonder I didn’t frog all that I stitched.

Speaking of CSI, it was the first time I had serious issues with the episode. The crime scene was 30 miles outside of the city. So, why is the city crime lab involved? Would this not be a case for the state police? Then the two CSIs go wandering off in the desert, without backup, without telling anyone. When the back up cops show up, the don’t yell down the bunker that they are there, they just pop out of a corner? One could get a hole in the head for that.

I suppose not every episode can be perfect.

That’s all for today. I will be taking a short nap soon.

And in response to a comment – no, I have never lived in Montreal. I would love to – it is an incredible city.


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