Sniff. I don’t like this time of year. Every year its the same thing. Every year around the end of September, I stock up on Tylenol Sinus and every year I run out by November. I have been wearing a scarf for 2 weeks now, since if my throat is exposed, I get tonsilitis. Every year. But enough whining. I am armed with my kleenex, my eyes have stopped watering for a few minutes, it is time to blog (just wait until spring – then the allergies start!).

Ok – so I guess you need an update of the weekend. Saturday was Girl Guide Area Day – a day of training for all the leaders. I got my Stage 1 training, and now have to go to Stage 3 plus my first aid and Safe Guide and Outdoor Activity Leadership. Only 5 courses to go…

It was oodles of fun, and very inspirational. There were troops raising funds to go on trips, etc, and so there were tables and tables of crafts. Needless to say, I was itching to craft by the time I got home Saturday evening. So, I roped the girls into crafting with me.

Here is our outcome:

Not the greatest photo, but you get the idea. I made the fob (with a dragon charm), Kimber made the keychain (with a mouse charm) and Lauryn made the necklace. Turns out Lauryn loves beading! Who knew?

Sunday was a relaxing day, we had family dinner and played Munchkin Fu. Lauryn had a difficult night Saturday night and woke up Sunday with a fever. We pumped Advil into her system and her fever broke late afternoon. It is astounding how much more animated she is when she is feeling well. That night, she slept through the entire night, and well into Monday morning (she got up around 10:30). She woke up with a fever, again. Again, more Advil and loads of fluids, and the fever finally broke last night just before supper. Last night she kept waking up again, with fever, and now it has broken, but she is sleeping it off (and it is 11:00 am). I don’t know what is wrong, since she has no other symptoms. Her fever isn’t too bad, but it does slow her down.

Yesterday, I was convinced Kimber had an early dismissal. So, she went to school without a lunch. Then I actually looked at the calendar. D’oh! Early dismissal is next week. So, Lauryn and I had to walk over to school (Lauryn crying the entire way, because, of course, the last thing she wants to do is anything!) and bring Kimber her lunch.

On a very happy note, I got a package in the mail yesterday. Scree! I got RAKed!! For those who don’t know what RAKing is, it stands for Random Act of Kindness. The lovely group over on the Wagon BB have a program that you post your wish list and people send you stuff! In my mailbox yesterday was Earthdancer by Butternut Road. I am so excited – it is so beautiful! I was planning on Mira’s A Midsummer Night’s Fairy as my next start, but this one might take over! I will have such a hard time with this!

Today Kimber is doing a promo shoot for Girl Guides. She is presenting (I told her she needs to sell them) the mayor of our town with two boxes of cookies. She will be in full uniform, standing pretty for the newspaper. Awww. So, she also gets out of school early! She is pretty excited.

That’s all, I think, for today.


7 thoughts on “Achoo!!

  1. bunnyhead

    I hope you feel better. I get allergies this time of year too. I can take any kind of sickness except a constant drippy nose. I’d rather have anything except that!

  2. Crystal

    I can totally relate to the cold thing right now. Going on 5 weeks of stuffed up sinus’s (read constant runny nose, watery eyes and going through loads of kleenex). Is there a point where you can just start wearing a sign saying “I’m sick, not crying?” so the people at work will leave you alone? 🙂

    Congrats on being RAK’d!!!!

  3. Dawn

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. You will have to post a picture of Kimber with the mayor! She should be so proud of herself.

  4. Patti

    Hope your cold is better – I’ve got one right now as well. And I hope the kiddo’s fever goes away. And I too would love to see a picture of Kimber and the mayor. Feel better soon!

  5. BeckySC

    (((((((Feel better hugs coming your way))))))))!!!
    The project for your Girl Guides is great!

    I was a Girl Scout Leader for 12 years…some of the most rewarding years of my life 🙂

    Thanks for sharing…TAKE care of yourself!

  6. Heather

    I just had to add a comment when I saw you have Earthdancer. I have had this one since it first came out (bought the kit at a show, with aida when I didn’t use evenweave or linen), but it’s still unstitched. It stays at my parents, in the hope that one day, it will bite me on the behind and demand I start it!!
    Feel free to look at my blog (I got yours from SBEB).


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