Orts and Ends

I am so clever. What a great title! Apt, though. Lots of little things in this blog.

First, let’s do the health update. Lauryn gave us a scare this morning. I was beginning to think perhaps her fever was because she was getting her molars, since there were no other symptoms. Then, at 6:15 last night, she said, “Mommy, my ear hurts.” Bingo. Ear infection! I determined I would try to make an appointment with our doctor for today. This morning, she woke up with a fever again, and puss oozing out of her ear. I know that sounds gross (and it is), but that’s what happened. I have never seen that from an ear infection, and I had an appointment booked within 10 minutes.

At the doctor’s office, it was determined it was indeed an ear infection. Now she is on amoxicillin and life will be good again soon.

I am feeling better too. Thanks to everyone who showed their concern for us!


I was challenged by Veronique to show off my stitching room. In what ever state. Firstly, it means I actually have to have a stitching room. Which I don’t. So, to show off how unorganized and messy I am, here are my crafting corners piles!

My stitching stuff

My sewing and yarn stuff/general crafts

My general crafts.

Believe it or not, I do know where everything is! lol

I also have a number of boxes in the basement full of craft supplies. One day, I will have it all organized. In the mean time, I have done my stitching charts – magazines are in one binder, and charts are in another. It’s a start!


Yesterday we were sent the Stitching Blogger’s Question sent in by Cathy:

Do you mark or hi-lite your patterns or can you follow them without any markings? Do you make copies to mark up, or do you mark originals?

I had to laugh when I read Cathy’s answer to this question. She remarked that when she marked up the originals, she got looks of horror from others. Yeah, I can relate to that. I only just figured out if I make working copies, I can trade the patterns for other stash! What a great concept! I have ruined a few patterns marking right in the magazine or on the chart. Oops.

Now I do make working copies, and I highlight as I go, or I colour it in with a pencil. I have discovered using a working copy makes backstitching easier since I can look at the unmarked original for the charting and it is thus less confusing.


For the next couple of weeks, my rotation is out the window. I am realizing November is right around the corner and I am so far behind on my Christmas stitching, I am in panic mode. I only have a couple of more ornaments to stitch up, but I have a bunch of other gifty things to make and I need time to do that, so my rotation is taking a break. So sorry, there will be very few progress pictures for the next little while since I don’t want to ruin surprises.

I did finish stitching the ornament for my SBEBB Christmas exchange, and let me tell you – it is AWESOME!!!!!!! I am so excited about this one. I decided not to stitch the original ornament I had chosen, since though it was pretty, it just wasn’t very personal. So I designed one. Heeee! I can’t wait to show you – it is being sent out in a month, so as soon as my recipient gets it, up comes the picture!


That’s it for today. I think that is more than enough. Till later!


6 thoughts on “Orts and Ends

  1. Dawn

    I am glad to hear that you finally know what is wrong with her. When Mac gets an ear infections his ear it leaks puss out quite often. It scared me the first time it happened.

  2. Vero M

    Merci Chrsitine for answering :-)))
    I know this is difficult to organize when you don’t have a craft dedicated room.

    I will collect all stitching room pictures now :-))

  3. Isabelle

    Wow Christine – you designed your ornament! Can’t wait to see that one!!

    Hope Lauryn won’t have ears infections often, they can hurt so! I kept having some when I was a kid. Blah! Take care of her and hug her tight. ;o)

    Don’t feel bad about your crafty corner. It is such a challenge to keep tidy without a dedicated room!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Lelia

    Hi Christine: What a post! Love your stitching/sewing stash/stuff pictures. I have such a space issue around here & streamline everything …. and YES, working copies are the way to go. Enjoy your weekend. I always love reading your blog posts.

  5. anneke

    Hi, I’m glad you showed your stitching stuff so bravely. Mine is organized at the moment, but there were times (and there will be) that my stuff looked like that. Stitch on.
    good wishes for your little girl. hope she’s al right soon.


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