I have beaten the french knot!!!!!!!

Click on the image to see a close up.

I am so proud of myself – I wasn’t going to show off this project until the recipient had it in her hands, but I couldn’t help myself. I have NEVER successfully done a french knot. Now I have done 21 of them. I had stitched this on 32 count fabric and unfortunately all the beads I have are far too big for the pattern, so I was forced to try the knots once again. I searched through all the books and patterns I have and finally found a diagram that made the procedure click for me. For those who need help – the Best of Teresa Wentzler Fantasy Collection has a good diagram. I had to adapt it by sticking my thumb on position 1 and my index finger on position 2 – and keep my finger there as I slowwwwllyy pull the thread through. I got so adept at this, that I was able to do them as I was reading blogs this morning!! lol

Anyway, the project is yet to be finished, and is a for a dear friend – one who is certainly worth the pain of the knots. This is all I have been working on this weekend. I will post a finished pic once she has it.

In other news – Kimber’s photo was printed on Friday:

ROFL! This explains so much of Kimber’s personality. She had absolutely no qualms about getting her photo taken with a complete stranger – we were waiting for her to jump up on the guy’s lap. The mayor thought she was just hilarious. Good thing – we do to!

I have been spending a lot of time online this weekend, with tangable results. Look for a new template in the next few days – I finally figured out how to do it! It only took a couple of hours looking through google hits to figure out that all I had to do was copy the blogger template into Dreamweaver and start playing with the colours and background and stuff. Seriously, that is all you need to do. Add to that some cool graphics that are photoshop’ed and voila! I am just working out some kinks and will have it up sometime this week.

I also now have a business website! Complete with online ordering and news and whatnot. If you would like to check it out, please feel free! Christine’s Kitchen is open for business! I am so excited. This hopefully will give me a bit of a boost.

I have discovered a new blog that I am loving. My fellow Canadians will apreciate this one – Rick Mercer’s Blog. Rick Mercer is our resident funnyman/political analyst and is very funny. It is a hoot to read his blog.

Another funny thing I found – Oral B’s Triumph toothbrush. Seriously. Perhaps we are becoming just a tad reliant on technology when we need a computer chip in our toothbrush. How difficult is it to brush our teeth? And now we have a toothbrush that will time the full 2 minutes, remind us that 3 months is up – change your brush, and hey! Your batteries are dead! Change them! Where would we be without this toothbrush? My life is altered forever.

I know – I spend far too much time online. I am signing off now.


10 thoughts on “MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  1. Jenna

    Whoa! And there she goes… I visit your blog a couple of hours ago, I come back and it’s filled with coffee beans! 🙂

    You did a great job on the french knots; congratulations on overcoming them!

    And Kimber looks so cute in that picture!

    Oh, my only comment on the design is that you should change the color or something on web links so that they stand out and your readers know that the text is clickable. I appreciate the subtle touch, with underlining as you roll over, but it’s actually a little too subtle for me. 😉 Great job otherwise!

  2. Von

    Being a coffee lover, I totally adore your new template!!
    Congrats on mastering the french knot and on Kimber’s photo in the paper :)))

  3. zoeandcooper

    Those French knots are just mean aren’t they. I am still working on beating them.

    We now need some scratch and sniff computers so we can smell that wonderful looking coffee!!

  4. Isabelle

    Oh wow! Your template is awesome!! Great Job! Love it! (I’m having my first cup of coffee right now, BTW)

    You’ve done a great job on that piece! Whoever it is for is bound to love it, that’s for sure.
    I was exactly like you about French knots, until about a year ago, when I was given a diagram that made it all click for me. Now I find them a little easier each time.

    Congrats on Kimber’s photo! She’s quite the plucky girl isn’t she. She’s just adorable.

    Well I won’t be able to comment till Sunday, so have a great week + weekend! I’ll check your business site when I’m back.

  5. Dawn

    I love the new look! Congrats on the French Knots..I don’t think I ever master those things. Kimber looks so cute!

    I would love to do a SAL on Woodland Faerie with you starting in January. 😀 Mondays are not set in stone so if another day is better for you I can swap it around.


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