A long catch-up


Ok! Got your coffee ready? Cozy? Here comes a long blog!

When we last left our intrepid explorer, we were getting ready for our sparks party. We settled on a fairy for Kimber, a cow for Lauryn and a witch for me (of course!). And, as usual, declaration of intent to get this done earlier next year.

The party was loads of fun. Of the 15 girls there, there were 3 witches, 6 princesses, 5 fairies, and one rock star. Remember the age group of these girls is 5-6. Nuff said.

Friday was planned to be an easy going day, where I could pack for Scott’s and my night away and prepare the potluck dish for Saturday’s ornamentifying in lesiure, but it was not to be. I got a call from FIL and ended up coming home with another tub and a half of craft stuff. There are so many crafts that I have always wanted to do but never had the supplies to try them, as some are pretty pricey. Now I will have the opportunity. I now have three tubs and a basket full of fabric alone. I really need to get quilting.

So anyway, the rest of the day got away from me and at 9 pm I finally started baking buns and pre-making crab dip (yummy!). Then a quick packing job and I fell into bed.

Saturday was the ornamentifying party. Loads of fun! I got to see some stitcher I hadn’t seen since August, and it was nice to see some of their finished projects. I only finished one ornament, but I am close to finishing others and now that I know how to do it, there is no stopping me. They look so professional once they are done. Here is a picture of the one I finished: (TW’s beginner whitework ornament)

I had to leave the party early and go pick up Scott and our bags and headed off to Waterloo to attend our friends spooktackular party. That was loads of fun, too. There were lots of fun costumes, and some had a lot of work put into them. The most clever costume were a couple who showed up with the signs “Smart” and “Dumb” on their derrières! That was a source of much humour. Scott was dressed as a spector (and succeeded in actually scaring some people) and I was a witch (again).

We saw quite a late (or early) hour and got little sleep as our friends boys were up bright and early, which we were expecting. Thanks to daylight savings time, we had extra hour to visit with our friends before we had to head home. We got home and the girls were already bathed and fed (thanks, Lex!!), and almost ready for bed. Due to confusion with certain clocks changed and others not, the girls were in bed an hour earlier than I thought. It was nice, though, since that meant Scott and I could crash early!

On the crafting front this weekend, I had decided to bring my knitting along for the 3 hour drive. I got about an inch done on my tank, when I discovered that about 2 inches down I had dropped a stitch!! Arg. I didn’t want to pull it out in the van, since I would probably loose even more stitches, so it is sitting in my bag waiting for me to fix it. Instead of forwards, I went backwards!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Very relaxing and recharging. It was so great seeing friends from all over again. We really need to get together with these people more often.

For halloween, Lauryn and I had to drive to Kingston to get our health cards renewed. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute! They expired today and I got notice two months ago. Yep, always a procrastinator! Fortunately, we were in and out in 20 minutes. Pretty good for dealing with a government office!

Fast forward to trick or treat time. I donned my hat and cape and passed out candy to 59 kids, which is twice as many as last year. The girls went out with Lex to “Boofest” which is a mini festival put on by the city. They were there and back in 30 minutes, with a bag full of goodies, and so we decided they should go trick or treating since 30 minutes really isn’t that exciting. I have decided that halloween is simply trading candy. The girls came home with about as much candy as I passed out.

Here are pictures of our costumes:


Since it is the first day of the month, it is time to review and set monthly goals. So, for October, my list was:

Finish 3 ornaments for various exchanges
– Complete knitted tank Nope. As mentioned, I went backwards
– Try felting (ooooo!) Nope. Didn’t even get around to it. This was something I thought of doing after I finished my tank. Which didn’t happen.
– Ornamentify all outstanding ornaments. Almost done. I have just the final two steps to do.
– Start and finish lottery exchange piece. Nope. I will have to get started on that soon, though.

For November:
– Complete all outstanding card motifs and ornamentify, and create cards to match. They need to be mailed by December 5.
– Start and finish lottery exchange piece (especially since it is due November 30).
– Try to make some headway with tank. I would at least like to make it to the arms.
– Finish surprise gift (sorry, no further details! But it is loads of work!)
– Get a good chunk done in my tribute piece. I would like to have this one done by Christmas
– Get some sort of craft organization in place for everything – even if it is boxes in the basement – just get it out of the dining room!
– Do 4 kitchen shows.
– Complete Christmas shopping for most of the family – package needs to be out by December 5.

It will be a busy month this month, so don’t worry if I don’t blog much. I will be starting my 29th year actually crossing things off my list. Who needs to wait until new years for the resolutions? Till later! (Hope you enjoyed your coffee!)


4 thoughts on “A long catch-up

  1. cathymk

    Love how you finished your ornament! Sounds like you had heaps of fun together on Halloween. The girls look great in their costumes!

  2. Kali

    Aww but mom do I *have* to wear a coat over my costume? 🙂 Just reminds me of a Sienfeld routine I heard once. The kids look great! Love the ornament also.

  3. Jenna

    Great costumes, all of you. I’m glad the girls had a great time.

    That’s quite an ambitious list you have for November. It’s a good thing that Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t in November. 😉


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