It’s Monday…

Blogger and I are rapidly becoming less and less on speaking terms. Since their update late last week, I have had issues posting. Grr. I work on a Mac, and use Safari since it is my preferred and default browser. Turns out that since Blogger’s update, clicking “Publish Post” deletes everything I just entered. Which means I have to post from Netscape. Which I would cheerfully delete from my system entirely if it wasn’t for these types of issues from Safari. IE is worse, so I am now on the hunt for another browser that matches all my quirks. I would punch through with Safari, except that I use sites like Blogger far too much. *sigh*

Any hoo. This weekend was pretty productive. Scott got the vacuum fixed for me and woo hoo – it actually sucks!!! It was actually fun vacuuming out all the cheerios from the couch. This lead to all kinds of cleaning around the house. I spent some time on the phone and rather than just sit there and chat, I wiped down our banister. And who knew – it’s white!!! That one act brightened up our entry way!! How weird is that? There might be something to this cleaning business after all.

The SAL was cancelled last minute, and instead of stitching, I cleaned. Yep, you are still reading my blog, I haven’t been abducted by aliens. It was strangely satisfying. Later yesterday evening, we had a number of people over for some poker and I ended up winning one round (woot!!). So, after paying for dinner, we broke even, since that is where the money went. If I can keep that up, I wouldn’t mind playing on a more regular basis (imagine the stash! ;D ).

Today I have a sickie in the house. Kimber woke up with a sore tummy and proceeded to get sick right away. So! No school for her! Which means no school for Lauryn, either, since I can’t bring Kimber to Lauryn’s play group. I get the impression that Lauryn isn’t that interested in being there anyway.

As I type this, Scott is out getting all kinds of dental work done. Fun. He has 3 teeth that need to be pulled, cleaning, filling replacements, etc. He decided that since his job involves talking to people, it would be best to do it all in one sitting, so he is only out of commission for one day.

We are having some interesting developments with the cats. I have never had more than one cat before, so I have no idea how they are supposed to act around one another.

Anyways, it seems Spike is showing his dominance at every chance. He fights with Turkey and eventually pins him by biting the back of his neck. I don’t know if this is normal, but it does seem to be escalating. Any suggestions? Or at least, some reassurance that this is normal?

Scott splurged this weekend and bought some gourmet dry cat food (for an extra 50 cents. Go figure). This is the first time the cats have cleaned out their dry bowl. They love it! Perhaps this will be our out to cut out the soft food from their diets. We shall see!

That’s all the updates for now. Hopefully I will get some stitching in today so you can see something more exciting tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “It’s Monday…

  1. Jenn

    And if Blogger is the real problem rather than your browser, I can point you to a free program to manage your blog on any webspace you want. It was written by a guy who was a former Blogger user that got massively fed up with their {bleep} and decided he could do better. I’ve been using Blog for about 6 months now and really like it!

  2. Jenna

    I agree with Julie. I like Safari, too, because it’s blazingly fast, but there are compromises to be made for that speed. It doesn’t seem to support a lot of scripts that are used nowadays. I found that Silver Needle’s shopping cart won’t work in Safari, either. I eventually had to abandon it.

    Try Firefox, though. It’s becoming more and more popular amongst IE haters. šŸ™‚

  3. outi

    And of course there’s Bloggers email updating. Though I don’t know how well it works when adding pictures etc., but I tried it yesterday with another blog of mine and it seems to work quite well- and it’s fast.

    (If you were Windows user I’d recommend Semagic, but as you’re not I wont.)

  4. AnneS

    Haha, you made me laugh big time with our entry today about cleaning … I feel like I’m reading about myself! šŸ˜‰ I have the distinct knack of being able to shut my eyes to housework … partly after living with one slovenly male housemate for 1 1/2 years, and I got to the stage where I ‘gave up’ … now I live on my own no-one else sees it LOL. Probably why my stitching has been going so well since I moved out šŸ˜‰ I’m in spring cleaning mode this week too, though … must be something in the wind! haha


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