Scree! Fabric HD

I got my fabric from Tirowen Fabrics and I am ecstatic!!! There was some issue with the the dyes for one of the colours I ordered due to the water quality, so the order took a little longer than normal, but its here now and I love it. The fabric that was causing all the issue was replaced with “Two Cool Nights” and check this out:

Sources for this image are Tirowen Fabrics and Cross Stitch Pattern and Fabric Viewer

The pattern, for those wondering is Mirabilia’s Midsummer Night’s Fairy and is now my next official start. Wooot!

I am back on speaking terms with blogger. I have downloaded Foxfire (thanks, Julie!), and with the exception of its inability to import bookmarks from Safari, it is everything I like. Woot, yet again. Ok. I am off to stitch for a while now. Three posts in 12 hours is more than enough.

9 thoughts on “Scree! Fabric HD

  1. Kim

    That is a beautiful piece of fabric, love the color combinations. And the project is very fun. I have tried that Cross Stitch Pattern Viewer and it’s a lot of fun when trying to decide on fabric for a certain pattern. Take care!

  2. Jenna

    Great fabric choice, Christine! I’ll give a woot with you – WOOT! I love finding the fabric that feels just right for a pattern. Congrats! Well worth the wait, I would imagine. 🙂

  3. Stitchie Kiwi

    Wow – that is gorgeous fabic, Middy looks beautiful on it. I’ll be looking forward to your progress 🙂


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