A bit of catch up

Ok, enough playing around, its back to business. Let’s see…

My autumn exchange piece was me playing around with the fabric until I (almost) got it right. I have a little bag like that which I find extremely handy – my small stitching tools are all in there and it keeps everything together, so I wanted to make something along those lines. I do know enough about sewing to figure it out, but my zipper attaching skill is seriously lacking, especially since I have no zipper foot. Makes things interesting. The inside is lined with a deep green fabric. The sewing took about 2 hours from cutting the fabric to taking the final photos.

The tank has a whole band of ribbing missing on the back – the glaring error. I have given it to SIL since it fits her beautifully (me not so much), and even with the ribbing missing it looks great on her.

In other stitching news….

… yep, that’s it! lol.

I have been knitting so much my stitching has lain to the wayside. I am almost done the stitching on the exchange lottery piece, and I have yet to determine if I should make it a flat fold or a wall hanging. I am leaning to the wall hanging since I have rather a large amount of sewing to be done for various Christmas and the machine will be out. We all know how much I like glue guns, anyway.

On the knitting front, I have started a lap blanket. I am being adventurous and creating my own pattern. I will be knitting a bunch of squares and sewing them together. I think I mentioned it will be purple and green, but after finishing my first square, I don’t think I will have enough yarn for it. I do have six more rolls of white of the same type, so that may be enough to finish it off. And so – my first square:

Click for a bigger pic.

I haven’t figured out if I can bind off the same way on a purl row, so this square is one row too big. I may have to pull it and re-do that part of it, but all in all I like the look of it. It is going to be so comfy when it is done!

That’s all for today, I think. I should go pull out my sewing machine…


5 thoughts on “A bit of catch up

  1. Von

    Wow! Lots of knitting too! I did a little knitting in 4-H years ago, but put it away – my hands had a tendency to be sweaty much of the time so my work did’nt look too good.

    Good going, Christine! :))

  2. Lnanaa

    that’s a pretty color. It sure does look like it will be a comfy blanket. I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit lately. I just got to get the supplies to learn how to make them.


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