Hey! What’s this?

Gasp! A stitching update!

(Click for a bigger pic.) This is the piece I have stitched for the SBEBB lottery. I will be finishing it this afternoon into some sort of bag. It is stitched on Antique Parchement from Tirwowen Fabrics.

This is one of the card motifs I finally finished.

And another. There are two other stained glass motifs I will be stitching. These are super fast and pretty.

That’s it for today. Ta!


12 thoughts on “Hey! What’s this?

  1. Kim

    Those turned out great! Love the fabric for the fairies, very nice! The smaller ones are adorable and I always love things that stitch up fast! Hope you have a fun weekend!

  2. cathymk

    Ooh I like your choice for the SBEB lottery – that fabric is so lovely and I like the whimsy of the design. The cards are great too. How productive you’ve been.

  3. AnneS

    Great stitching finishes – can’t wait to see the fairies when they’ve turned themselves into a bag! Also love the stained glass window motif – looks like it would be a fun stitch 🙂

  4. Kiwi Jo

    Great work Christine. I love the fairies too. I wish I’d entered in the lottery and then I’d at least have a chance of winning them 🙂


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