Bravely brave Sir Robin

I just had to snaffu this from Jenna. Specially since I am married to a wannabe Pythonite.

When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned
his tail and fled!

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Kinda would like to know how they came about that answer…


2 thoughts on “Bravely brave Sir Robin

  1. outi

    Oh my. Thank you so much! 😀

    I happen to love Monty Python, so of course I had to do this… Just call me Arthur. 😉

  2. Jenna

    Say hello to your husband for me, Christine, from one Monty Python fan to another. 🙂 Glad you liked the quiz; I think all of the results are insulting. 😉

    BTW, Sir Robin was one of my favorite characters from the movie… actually, his minstrel was more my favorite!


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