Wednesday catchup…

Ok, loads of catching up to do.

First, I got some wonderful packages in the mail this week.

Yesterday I received a package from my wonderful friend Jenna. She sent me TW’s Romeo & Juliet!!! I am so stoked! I have two other TW’s lined up for new starts, so this one will have to wait, sadly…

Today, I received my SBEBB Christmas ornament from Ashleigh:

This ornament is just beautiful. The finishing is awesome and really puts all the ornaments I have done this year to shame. It is so delicate and pretty and so me! I absolutely love it. Thanks so much, Ashleigh!


I have finished my piece for the SBEBB lottery:

I am quite pleased with it. This was part of yesterday’s crafting frenzy Lauryn and I had. I managed to make some major headway on a big Christmas present, as well as some little finishings, which, of course, I can’t show you. I can show you how busy we were, though:

Lauryn was all tuckered out by 3:00. What a cutie (yes, I know, I am biased! lol).


I have finally been convinced to partake in this meme, which I have been avoiding since my wishlist is already huge and I know myself well enough that this exercise will only make it larger. Any hoo, here goes. You may see a pattern, here! lol

This is from Anna’s blog.

The only rule is you would have to choose to stitch the design you pick–if you don’t already own it, of course! EDITED: You should just like the chart enough, you’re not committing to more work! Don’t pick a design you hate because it’s got a good title. Clearer?

1. Are you male or female? Twinkle Twilight Marie Claire

2. Describe yourself: Phoenix Rising, HAED

3. How do some people feel about you? Enigma, HAED

4. How do you feel about yourself? Coffee Dragon, X’s and Oh’s

5. Describe your love interest: The Kiss, Mirabilia

6. Where would you rather be? Tropical Dream (Teresa Wentzler)

7. Describe what you want to be: Titania, Queen of the Fairies; Mirabilia

8. Describe how you live: Five Simple Rules for Happiness; Glendon Place

9. Describe how you love: Always; Enchanting Lair

*ok, I am cheating here, since I have already started this one. But it fits!

10. Share a few words of wisdom: Fat Free Brownies; Forever In My Heart


Ok, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for the SBQ!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday catchup…

  1. Isabelle

    Your ornament is gorgeous and screams *you*! Ashleigh made such a great choice!

    Your piece for the lottery is lovely as well. Great choice of fabrics!

    And I love that picture of Lauryn! You may be biased but she IS really cute!

  2. AnneS

    Great finish on your lottery exchange piece – looks good! And what a great ornie you received from Ashleigh … very very pretty :))


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