It’s a J tree!

M Designs Joy tree, as of right now. I may stitch some more this evening, but I still need to stitch 13 more card motifs, so I may stitch that. We shall see.

I have to share this – as I was typing this blog, Scott asked me what M Designs J tree meant – he thought I was using a special stitching code! lol! Sorry, but I find it funny. Specially since he understands SALing and Froging and WTF!


8 thoughts on “It’s a J tree!

  1. AnneS

    I’m with Cathy … LOVE the blue thread – which one is it, if you don’t mind me asking? That is just TOO scrummy :)) Yeah, I know, we’re blue freaks!

  2. bunnyhead

    Oh, I love it in blue! It looks great. I’m not sure my DH would understand ‘stitching lingo’ either. But then, he’s a network engineer and he speaks ‘techie’ sometimes and I have no clue what he’s saying.


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