It’s Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday! It’s been an interesting weekend with the weather. On Thursday evening, it was -16 C (about 0 F), with almost 5 inches of snow. Yesterday hit +16 C (about 65 F). Needless to say, all the snow is gone. Today it’s raining and blowing wind and last night I actually heard thunder. I don’t recall ever hearing thunder this late in the year. Mother Nature must think it’s spring!

Thanks so much everyone for the comments on the Joy tree. I am using DMC 121 for the colour, believe it or not. I decided to use DMC for a couple of reasons – I just didn’t have the right overdyed colour for it, for one. And I really can’t afford to go over to my LNS and buy one, since I have a very hard time not buying other things when I am there. The other reason is the recipient is a neat freak, and I suspect the ornament may be thrown in the wash once or twice – so just in case, I am using a floss that is colourfast. Plus, it’s pretty!

No photos to update today. It was a busy day yesterday, so I didn’t get any stitching in. I plan to get some done today, as I have 12 more motifs to finish and the cards need to be out by next week!! I have to book to get it done.

That’s all for today! Ta!


2 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday

  1. Carol

    Hi Christine – Indeed, the weather is strange here in New Hampshire too. After cold temps in the 20’s with 4″ of greasy, slippery snow on Thursday, we are up in the 50’s today… not nearly as warm as you are (it is always colder here) – but strange, strange, strange!!

  2. AnneS

    Ooh, I love that that colour is DMC … might even be able to squeeze a skein or two into my budget before the end of the year – that’s really such a yummy colour!


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