Just checking in…

Ok! I’m back – for a few minutes, anyway.

For some updates:

First, my goal review:
For November:
– Complete all outstanding card motifs and ornamentify, and create cards to match. They need to be mailed by December 5. Up to 12. I am going to just stitch what I can today and tomorrow and get those sent out. The rest will have to wait.
– Start and finish lottery exchange piece (especially since it is due November 30). Check!!
– Try to make some headway with tank. I would at least like to make it to the arms. All done!
– Finish surprise gift (sorry, no further details! But it is loads of work!) Almost! Sooo very close. If I romance my sewing machine for one more day I should have it finished.
– Get a good chunk done in my tribute piece. I would like to have this one done by Christmas Not really. I got one flower done of the three main flowers. I doubt I will have it done by Christmas.
– Get some sort of craft organization in place for everything – even if it is boxes in the basement – just get it out of the dining room! Shoved in tubs in the basement. Sadly.
– Complete Christmas shopping for most of the family – package needs to be out by December 5. No. Since we have decided to exchange, I am making something. Almost done with that.

I am not even bothering to make goals for December. I anticipate the craziness of the season will impede my stitching.


As I said, I am a little more than half done with the motifs. I have decided to just get what I can get done today and tomorrow, and leave the rest. These will cover the main people. Others will have to wait. Sadly, the others are some of you readers. Sorry, but there you have it.

I won’t be online much for the next week as my to-do list is quite long. Because of mailing dates I am rushing around getting things done and, true to form, I left it for the last minute. It seems the season snuck up on me, yet again.

So, off I go to stitch. I leave you with a quick quiz:

Which Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character are you?

Luke Skywalker

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?


3 thoughts on “Just checking in…

  1. Jenna

    I’m with you, Christine. With everyone that’s been going on with me and my family, I feel like I’ve lost at least a month of my life, making the Christmas holiday sneak up on my WAY TOO FAST! It’s actually starting to freak me out because I’m so used to be organized and done with things early and now I keep thinking that I have more time than I do. 😦

    Good luck on everything that you need to do. Everything (and everyone) else can wait. No worries!

  2. Kristen

    There is always so much to do this time of year! However, I wish that I could have the discipline to at least set goals for myself. I don’t even get that far. Good luck with all of your gifts and projects this holiday season.

  3. Isabelle

    I’ll be missing you Christine, but hey, I understand!

    I don’t know what’s up with Xmas this year. It feels like it’s coming a month too early! I’m like Jenna, I’m usually very organized but work just keeps creeping up. There’s just too much to do this year and I’m freaking out!

    Anyway, hope you DO have fun this season! DO check in whenever you can! :o)


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