Wednesday surprise!!

Another fantastic mail day! This morning I received a package from Isabelle. My friend has truly spoiled me (click on the photos for a close up):

A wonderful ornament, a beautiful purse (it is so me!!!!), and Just Nan’s Wintry Mix.

A close up of the ornament.

The front of the purse.

The back of the purse (and my initials!!!).

Thank you so much, Isabelle! You are so talented, my friend. This made my entire week. Now I can tell people I have a Parisian designer purse! lol

While reading my blogs this morning, I came accross this in Lilie’s blog – one of my round robins is on its way home!! Scree!!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday surprise!!

  1. Jenna

    YAY! The round robin dragons look fantastic. Can’t wait for you to get them home so we can see how you finish them! The ornament and purse from Isabelle are TO DIE FOR. LOVE that purse! Put it in purple and gold and I’d be in heaven. Congrats! πŸ™‚


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