Questionable Blogging

Time for the Stitching blogger’s question as posed by San:

Take a minute to reflect on your blog reading habits and preferences. What do you prefer to read in stitching blogs? (Progress, tips, family life, experiences, etc.) How much do you think you are influenced by other stitching bloggers?

I like blogs that are a lot like mine – a mix of everything. I enjoy stitching updates, since that is my passion, but I have “met” a bunch of wonderful bloggers and like to know how things are going for them personally. When I meet my friends for coffee, I certainly don’t talk just about stitching, so that is what I like to read in blogs.

I don’t like to read about disrespectful opinions about other bloggers or events. I have stopped reading some blogs because it does happen. There is no reason to be rude in any manner, and I don’t need that kind of negativity. (I realize I just was a tad hypocritical there. But – it’s my blog! lol)

As for my own blog, it’s mine. I have always journalled on some level through out my life, and this is my online version. I won’t spew out all the garbage that has been going on, since, quite frankly, it’s no one’s business but my own. But if something fun happens or something of note, I will mention it, since, after all, this is my blog. I write for me, to track my own progress. Having readership is nice, since when I can share some progress, I can get feedback. But, it is mainly for me.

I am influenced by other bloggers since they often will show projects I have never thought of actually stitching. Seeing their progress, their unique stitching quirks, their opinions on a project matters and often will help me decide if I will ever stitch that project one day.

Let’s have a progress picture right now! I don’t think I have shown this one yet…

This is the tribute piece, with almost 2 of the 3 main flowers done. After I finish my side projects this week (which doesn’t look like it is going to happen since it is already Thursday and I have Sparks tonight, a birthday party tomorrow night, and we are off to visit friends on Saturday), this will be my focus peice. Mainly because in the new year, I am starting TW’s Woodland Faerie with Dawn and Mirabilia’s Midsummer Night’s Fairy with the Carol and the ladies of the Friends Gather BB. So, I need two nights free in my rotation. I should be able to finish it by the end of the year, if I can can get a few good nights of stitching in.

Last night we put up our tree, and set out our decorations for the season. I am lamenting we don’t have nearly enough decorations. I shall have to get some evergreen boughs and bring them in and ribbon stuff up….

In doing so we listened to Christmas carols – we don’t have enough of those, either. But, I have determined – it is official – Elvis should not have done Christmas music. Period.


6 thoughts on “Questionable Blogging

  1. Jenna

    I really like your tribute piece, Christine. The colors work very well together. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    P.S. Yes, I think we share the same evil, teasing gene!

  2. gC

    Greetings from the U.S. midwest! Love your blog. (Hyper jealous of your wallpaper!!!) I do have one question, though (warning, novice cross stitcher here): how do you manage the rotations?!? Don’t you get confused with what you do? Or do you just keep them all separated? Just curious. 😉 Have a good night/day and chat with you next time!

  3. Von

    Yes, I don’t think you have shown us the tribute piece – but thanks for sharing it. It’s very pretty and I’m anxious to see what it’s like all stitched!

  4. Juanita - aka flosslady

    Your tribute piece is coming along very nicely.

    I hadn’t seen TW’s Woodland Faerie before… it’s gorgeous! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on that one, and also on Midsummer Night’s Fairy.


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