My Cheeky Three Year Old

Three years ago right now, I was waking up from a drug-induced haze, ready to slip into another such coma. I had just had emergency surgery, from which the doctors extracted this little person. Who knew?

Lauryn Mackenzie was born three years ago today and she has become quite the personality in our household.

She frequently will announce “I love you, MOM!!” and run over and give a giant bear hug. Her favourite alter ego (there are a few) is Super Lauryn, who rapidly will become Lauryn Kitty. She loves crafting (stamping), Dora, and running really really fast (especially with her sneakers). She enjoys dressing up like a princess and sharing Mommy’s lip gloss and hand lotion.

Here she is with her latest love, a gift from her Tante Gloria & Uncle Phil – meet Lauryn and Doople:

She came up with that name all by herself. Now her miriad of friends include Doople the poodle and Bumble, her little friend who sits on her hand and sometimes wants to eat her supper (which is good when she doesn’t like what she has been served – Bumble sometimes will gobble it right up).


Ok, back to business. On the stitching front, nothing has happened. lol. Yay, Christmas – the ultimate in-your-face time waster. No, I am just kidding. I am busy finishing up some Christmas gifts and writing out Christmas cards (which, obviously, will now be late. Ah, well). Some of these gifts are pretty cool, I must say. I will be posting them, obviously, after Christmas. 😀

Greg (Hi Greg! Thanks for visiting!) left a comment asking about my rotation. I have 5 major projects on the go, and on a “normal” week – ie a week where I ideally would be able to stitch every night – I do a different project each night. I find I get bored easily with some projects, and I have a tendency to start new ones all the time, so my rotation works well for keeping me on track. On the weekends I do other stuff like my knitting or exchange projects, since my time on weekends is random.

(BTW – you, too can have a cool wallpaper. Mine is a royalty free image, and you can find them just by googling “royalty free photos”.)

That’s all for today! Ta!


7 thoughts on “My Cheeky Three Year Old

  1. STAG

    I grew up in Trenton. Nice place. Went to Bayside, drove pizza for Lino (now a Tim Hortons I see) and also for Jim’s Pizza. I wonder if Tom ever made that outdoor piazza on the back of his place overlooking the river! Good to know there are still nice people there.

    Bill (in Ottawa)

  2. cathymk

    Happy Birthday, Lauryn!!
    Hope she had a super day.
    Stitching has slowed to a halt over this end of the world too – I’m starting to miss it alright.

  3. Von

    Lauryn is adorable! Happy birthday to her and to you too! I think moms need to receive a little recognition on their child’s birthday too 🙂


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