This day 50 years ago…

… my mother was born.

In honour of Mama, I am posting some cute photos we dug up of her:

As a baby

Age 2 or 3

As a young teen

Slightly older

As a mom (the cutie in the blue dress? That’s me! hee!)

My sister emailed me many more photos and some are quite funny! It was amazing going through them, seeing Mama as a young girl – I just don’t think of her like that! She has always been Mama, my rock, the person I go to for great hugs, great advice, and great soup!!!

Yesterday, the family threw a surprise party for her. As our gift to her, we made the big stressful project I was talking about last week. We made a family quilt. Everyone made up their own square, and I peiced it all together. I will go over that tomorrow. But for now…

Happy birthday, Mama!


6 thoughts on “This day 50 years ago…

  1. AnneS

    Love seeing the photos of your Mum as she was growing up … I think you’re right, we tend to forget they were ‘real people’ with childhoods etc too 😉 Hope you’re going to post a piccie of the family quilt – I LOVE that idea … what a wonderful gift to treasure – I bet there were a few tears to be had! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing these :))

  2. Kim

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos! It is so fun to see our parents when they were young, puts life into a whole other perspective. 😀

  3. Von

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your mom! She’s just a couple of years older than I am, so relate very much to the era they were taking in 🙂

  4. Jenneke

    Did you notice that your daughter looks exactly like you in that age? Great photo’s. You have a very beautifull mum.


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