Quilty pleasure

Ok, loads of pictures today.

Here’s my most annoying project of the year – my mother’s quilt. There are multiple photos of this project, since it is huge! (90″ x 90″)

I won’t overload you with individual squares, so here are the ones of the main characters of this blog…



Kimber (the heart in the center has a music button in it – it plays “Music box dancer” when you press it):


And my sister Sandra – who stitched a square! (I didn’t even do that! lol)

It felt like everything that could go wrong did with this quilt. There are supposed to be our baby photos in the center (with all the hand prints), but they weren’t ready on time. I wanted to have them sewn on then piece the quilt together, but when I hadn’t heard anything a week before I had to send it, I decided I had to get off my hiney and finish the quilt with or without the photos. Hence my busy week romancing the sewing machine.

Some of the squares featured foam stickers. While they look cool and had the wonderful shapes that the creators wanted, they didn’t like the sewing machine much. Every time I ran a square through the machine, a foam would fall off. Fortunately, we had thought enough ahead to get photos of everyone’s square in advance of the sewing. Being foam, I didn’t trust hand sewing on each one since I don’t know what a needle and thread would do to it – I had visions of holes and tears everywhere.

I had issues with my backing fabric – I made an error in measuring, and while I had enough fabric, I had to piece the backing together in an odd manner to make it all fit. So, the back is less than perfect. At least it fits, though.

Then came the hemming. I decided to hem the edges so that it can be easily taken apart to add squares for future family members. Turns out I have no idea where my seam guage is. So, there I am using a popsicle stick (lol!) as a seam guage. Did the job, but it was humourous explaining to Scott the high tech popsicle stick device.

Needless to say, I got it done. Sunday night (the 11th), ready for shipment on the 12th. I went online and scheduled a Fed Ex pick up (the first time I had done so). Monday morning I went to the library and printed off the waybill (since I have run out of ink on my own printer) and came home to paitently wait for the courrier to pick up the package.

He never came. Imagine me, Monday at 5:30, freaking out about this package that wouldn’t arrive on time unless I spent $80 which I didn’t have to get it there in three days or less. I called Fed Ex and, apparently, when you print off the waybill, that means you are going to drop off the package at the depot, not have someone pick it up as scheduled.

NO WHERE ON THE WEBSITE does it have that information. No where. I was furious. I cancelled my account and cancelled all shipments. I had ten minutes, though, to run out and drop off the package. Ten minutes to get to the location 20 minutes away by vehicle, which I did not have at that time. Arrrg!! I resolved I would have to pay the elaborate fees at the post office the next morning.

Tuesday morning I went to the post office and braced myself for the exorbitant fees. “That will be $28, please” said the lovely lady at the counter. Apparently the weight was half of what we originally thought and within the requirements for a small package! If I had gone to the post office on Monday morning, it would only have cost $8, complete with insurance and guaranteed arrival date. D’oh!

Ah, well. It is done now. Mom loved it, and now it is on its way back to me so I can sew on the baby photos. Yee haw.


6 thoughts on “Quilty pleasure

  1. Isabelle

    Wow Christine, it’s fabulous and tells such a wonderful story! Of course your Mom loved it!!

    I can feel for you with all this stress, but boy, it was really worth it!! Kudos!!

  2. Kim

    How amazing! And what a lot of work, I was getting tired just reading all you went through. 😀 You have one great mom to have raised such kind and thoughtful kids. 😀

  3. Stitch

    Wow! What an amazing quilt!! Excellent job! I’m a newbie to your blog but I love it!! Hehe…:) Can’t wait to see more progress pics…Congrats!



  4. AnneS

    Oh no, it’s no wonder you were stressed with this project – but it was worth it all in the end … just lovely 🙂 It really warms my heart to see gifts such as these – so thoughtful and personal 🙂 Kudos to you and your family :))


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