C is for Cookie!

Today I spent a large chunk of the day in the kitchen. I woke up this morning going, Holy Cow – (ok, maybe not that, but you never know who reads this stuff) Only 4 more days till Christmas!!!

I would just like to know where the last two months went. Anyhoo.

I made gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies, totalling about 4 dozen. I then boxed up 4 tins, 3 to head off with FIL to go to visit family this evening. Here’s the gotcha. I forgot to bring them to this evening’s events so FIL could take them with him. Ah, well. That saves me from baking up three more tins tomorrow.

There was a whole plate left this afternoon as I ran out to do some last minute drop off of parcels, but tonight there is only 5 cookies left. 5. Seems I am baking tomorrow anyway.

This evening was Kimber’s Christmas concert at her school. What a hoot. Of course, what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t celebrate my oldest daughter’s first concert without pictures?

Here is where we we were standing:

And behind us:

Which explains the bad photo of Kimber (denoted by the giant arrow):

And I took this one since this was quite humorous to us – the hula class:

On to stitching.

I am sooooooo clooooose to finishing my Joy tree (like 1/2 hour to go close), and I have realized the error of the “y” had more far-reaching repercussions. The one stitch I was off on the right translated to one stitch off on the left which translated to me being 2 stitches off center. Sooo…. rather than frog it all out (yeah, right!) I have decided just to frog the base and move it over to the centre. I have to frog something since it is a noticable difference. Alas. (Did anyone else hear “earwax” there?)

That’s all for today. Till tomorrow, then!


4 thoughts on “C is for Cookie!

  1. karensff


    Sorry to hear about the frogging. I hate it when that happens.

    I wasn’t able to access the first three questions either and I didn’t take a not of them. So here they are from memory (I hope).

    1. What is your favourite Christmas character? (mine are snowmen)

    2. What is your fvourite Christmas movie? (mine is Muppets Christmas Carol)

    3. Is there a Christmas book you read every year or are there Christmas themed books you enjoy? (Mine was “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens)

  2. Jenna

    YAY Kimber! I hope you enjoyed her first concert; I’m sure that there will be plenty more where that came from. 🙂 Sorry about the frog visit, but it sounds relatively minor in the scheme of things, fortunately.


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