A revelation… and shopping

We recently discovered our DVD plays regular CDs. This is not a hugely scientific revelation, one of us just went, hey! It plays CDs!! Since I know you are asking, “why????” I will tell you why this is an important revelation. Our CD player died on us about a year ago, and we have been listening to fewer and fewer to our cd’s since we haven’t replaced it and all we had to listen to them were our computer systems. Our systems are nice, but the speaker system is limited. Our DVD player is attached to surround sound.

Now imagine “Separate Ways” by Journey blaring through surround sound. Oh. Yeah.


On to the SBQ, as suggested by Renée.

Do you do your stash shopping at your LNS, ONS, or both? Which do you
like better? Why?

I prefer shopping at my LNS, Knowledge and Needles. It is only 10 minutes away, and Ann, the owner, is a hoot. It is far more personal going there, and since as a SAHM without a vehicle most days, it is nice to just get out and see people I like. She also has rockin good prices on her fabrics and you never know what pattern you might find. I am also much more of a hands-on person. At the LNS, I can see her latest projects and shop models, and that is always cool.

I do shop at ONS’ for hand dyed fabrics, though not a lot. I have found one I really like, Tirowen Fabrics, as there are some wonderful pieces there for good prices, and there is wonderful service as well.

Off to listen to more Journey (they are coming to our part of the country in August!!! We are so there!).


3 thoughts on “A revelation… and shopping

  1. Carol

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your discovery 🙂

    Speaking of Tirowen Fabrics, thanks for the tip on them – I ordered some after you blogged about yours – it is a wild fabric that I chose, but I was thrilled with the service, emails and speed with which my fabric arrived – thank you!!!!!!!!!


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