I’m back…

It has been a while since I was last online much less posted, so sorry for that. This weekend was busy with me re-arranging furniture and going on a cleaning/decluttering frenzy. Most of the house is done, with the exception of our bedroom and the playroom. Getting there, though! I have been doing a little bit of stitching in between, and here is what I was working on:

Dragon Pillow from X’s and Oh’s:

Sorry it’s sideways. Forgot to edit it after it came out of the scanner. These aren’t the recommended colours, since red and green don’t go in my living room.

Just Nan’s Wintry Mix:

Sunday I had an itch to start a new project, so this will be my first ornament of the year when I finish it. I didn’t get as much time to stitch as I had hoped, so hopefully next week…

TW’s Lily Maiden:

I still don’t have the fabric for Woodland Fairy, so I worked on this one instead. I am loving this project!! It is stitching up so quickly and with every stitch I see a difference. It is a little difficult when it comes to backstitching since I have a hand-drawn chart (the computerized chart is now available on Patterns Online), so it is hard to see which are the back stitching lines and which are the grid lines in some cases. Other than that, it is going well. And I used the wrong backstitch colour on her dress. The colour I used (which I discovered as I was about to do the mauve area of her dress), was to be used for the mauve area. So, now her whole dress will be in that colour. It doesn’t pop as well as charted, but it does do the job – it will have to, since I am not frogging all that!

My computer is sold, I have until Sunday to get it all cleaned up. Wah!! I will be using Scott’s system until I can get a new one up and running.

That’s all for today. This evening I will be stitching “Gifts by the Sea” since last night I had a meeting and didn’t get to stitch it. I will be back to my regular rotation tomorrow.


14 thoughts on “I’m back…

  1. Outi

    Your Lily Maiden is coming out great. And as usual, if you hadn’t told that you’ve wrong colour in her dress’ backstitches I couldn’t have said there’s anything “wrong” in it. She looks absolutely stunning already. 🙂

    And Dragon Pillow looks good on that blue fabric. 🙂

  2. Juanita - aka flosslady

    It looks like you’ve been doing quite a bit of stitching these past few days. Good for you!

    Lily Maiden is going to be so pretty. I know what you mean about hand-drawn charts. I’m using one for Castle Sampler, and it’s a pain to read sometimes, especially for the backstitching.

  3. KarenV

    Nice progress on Lily Maiden – I love the colours in this one (and I wouldn’t have noticed the mistake either ;))

  4. Stitchie Kiwi

    Great stitching! Everything is looking wonderful.

    Doesn’t it feel good to get rid of some clutter – want to come and do my house? LOL

  5. Stitch

    You GO Christine!!! WOw! Excellent progress on all your projects! I wish I had more progress on mine..LOL I adore that dragon pillow!! Hmmm…might have to get that one myself…I’m into the Kanji symbols…:)


    *BIG HUGS*


  6. Carol

    Oh no! No computer???? Want to borrow my laptop?? LOL!

    Your WIPS all look wonderful! I never would have known that the pillow was sideways 🙂 I love your color choices! And your fairy is so sweet on that yellow hand dyed!

  7. cathymk

    Lilly Maiden is looking wonderful, Christine. I really like the Dragon pillow piece too. Will have to look out for that one at the LNS.

  8. AnneS

    Lily Maiden is looking GREAT! And like the others, I would never have noticed the wrong colour in the backstitching 🙂 Hope your new computer is up and running soon. Can’t wait to see Dragon Pillow progressing … looks very very interesting 🙂

  9. tkdchick

    Congrats on your new start Christine, I’ve been having that itch for awhile but I won’t let myself scratch it.

    Great progress on all your projects!


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