Garden Exchange Received!

Due to some SUPER FAST postal service, Tammy received her garden exchange piece. It is astounding that I can mail to Europe faster than I can mail to the US. Ah, well.

I ended up finishing it like a little sachet. Inside neatly fits seed packets. I was a little concerned when there were comments made about seeds and customs since I really didn’t think about that when I mailed it off – but it apparently was a non-issue. So not exciting finishing, but it wasn’t something that had occurred to me orginally.

I worked on Minuit last night, and by the time I sat down, I really had very little time to work on her. I think since my sparks night is Thursday, I will devote that day to something else. So, Minuit is moving to Friday on my rotation, and my tribute piece will be worked on on Thursday. (Which means I get to work on her again this evening – how evil is that! Hee!)

I have moved up to her head and she has a bit of a face now. It is hard to see, and as Scott says, it looks like shoreline right now. Hopefully by tomorrow she will look more realistic.

That is all for today. I must be off to clear off my computer as it goes to its new home on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Garden Exchange Received!

  1. Outi

    I just love that fabric you’re stitching Minuit on!

    And I’ve to consider about that Woodland Faerie “invitation”, but I think we already know the answer. ;P
    (I just need to get my chart and purchase fabric etc. for it… And in that case I really have to figure out some kind of rotation, but I’ve been thinking about it anyway so…)

  2. Bastet

    That’s a wonderful fabric you chose for Minuit! My husband would agree with yours that it looks like a coastline. I get lots of comments of that sort till it actually starts coming together…

  3. Isabelle

    Your exchange is so pretty! So does Minuit – your fabric is really perfect!
    Good luck on changing computers… And have a good Sunday! 🙂


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