It’s ALIVE!!!!!

Insert evil cackle here.

I worked on Minuit again last night, and you can actually tell there is something there now!

Thanks for all the supportive comments! It is so cool to have my inbox full of your praises.

To answer some questions – the fabric is from Tirowen Fabrics and is called “Two Cool Nights”.

The photo yesterday was true to colour since it was a scan. Which won’t be happening for a while since my Mac is now officially offline. *wah!!!* I am now moved over to Scott’s computer until he puts together a replacement for me. So, you are stuck with yucky photos for now.

One thing I am finding immediately with this project – I am used to stitching on 32 count and this fabric is 28. Which makes the stitches seem huge to me. I think the next Mira I do will have the skin stitched over one. It looks a bit too blocky for me.

That’s all for now. Today I will be stitching up my Valentine exchange piece, which I am excited about. Till later!


14 thoughts on “It’s ALIVE!!!!!

  1. Litla Skvís

    Thanks for sharing the link to the fabric site! I bookmarked it and will probably be spending some money there one day ;o)

  2. BeckySC

    Beautiful progress, Christine 🙂

    I have been off the computer since Thursday(I have been sick) but wanted to say how great your exchange piece for Tammy is!

  3. Stitch

    WOW Christine!! What awesome looking fabric!!! Thanks for the site! I’ll have to check that out here soon…hehe. Great job on the progress! 🙂 She’ll be beautiful once she’s all done….:) It really does look like she’s leaping out of the fabric…almost 3 D! Cool!!

    Happy Stitchin!


  4. karensff

    Minuit is looking lovely. I am the opposite, used to 28 count and stitching with 32 just now. Her skin doesn’t look blocky in the photo. Maybe it will look better once finished.


  5. Kim

    Minuit looks great! Love that fabric. I don’t think she looks blocky at all.

    Your garden exchange turned out great too, very creative. 😀


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