Minuit and Meme

Here’s what I got done on Minuit last night. I was hoping to finish her hair by the end of the night, but that was not to be. My eyes got too sleepy. I am pleased with the progress I made last night – I feel like I did a large chunk.

I have been tagged by Jenna. So:

The Meme of Fours

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life
Office Manager
Catalogue Coordinator
Graphic Artist

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again (and do – this is only 4 of a huge list)
Princess Bride
Disney’s The Three Musketeers
Rocky Horror Picture Show (Rocky!)
Any Monty Python

Four Places I Have Lived
Clyde, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Waterloo, Ontario
Trenton, Ontario

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
Boston Legal
Spongebob Squarepants (I had to throw in some sort of intellectual stimulation here)

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation (there aren’t a whole lot of places…)
Blue Mountain (a ski “resort” here in Ontario)
Kananaskis (a ski resort about a couple of hours outside of Calgary – the place all the skiing competition was done during the olympics when they were in Calgary.)
Camping at the beach

Four Websites I Visit Daily
EzBoard (and the 5 boards there I frequent)
Bloglines (and the corresponding blogs it leads me to)
My bank

Four of My Favorite Foods
Dark chocolate
T-bone steak (medium rare, preferably served with home made french fries & mayo… drool!)
Saskatoon berries

Four Albums I Can’t Live Without
Keith Urban – Be Here
Bon Jovi – Crossroads
Journey – Journey’s Greatest Hits
INXS – Kick

Four Places I’d Rather Be (only 4???)
At a pyramid in Egypt
Eating sushi in Japan
Having a picnic in Ireland
My mother’s house

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging

And finally…

Turkey who has a fettish of sleeping in things – boxes are never safe, but this time he chose a grocery bag.


12 thoughts on “Minuit and Meme

  1. Outi

    Minuit looks absolutely fabulous. πŸ™‚

    Turkey seems to be related to my Masa. He loves plastic bags… as sleeping places and in his daily diet… :-S

    Tag received and forwarded. πŸ˜‰

  2. zoeandcooper

    Great progress on Minuit. It has been fun to see all these great Mira pieces take shape since the beginning of the year!

    Turkey is so cute. Growing up I had a cat named Colonel who loved plastic bags. He used to stick his head through the handle holes and wander around with it hanging on his back…Super Kitty!!

  3. Dawn

    Minuit is looking great! Turkey is too adorable. πŸ™‚ My kitty, Madison, doesn’t have a thing about playing with plastic bags but she sure does love to lick them! Try and figure that noise out about 2 in the morning. LOL

    Working on my answers! πŸ™‚

  4. Isabelle

    Minuit looks great! That’s some good progress πŸ™‚

    I loved your photo of Turkey – he’s so cute!

    I enjoyed reading your list too!
    What are saskatoon berries?

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday πŸ™‚

  5. Lili

    Minuit has such a pretty face! Turkey is so so cute! My cats also tend to enter every bag they find… How funny when their owners don’t like cats!lol!!!
    Take care!

  6. Kim

    You made a lot of progress on Minuit! Still loving the fabric!

    Your cat is hilarious, you should tell him though that sleeping in grocery bags may have a risk of suffocation. LOL I doubt he’ll listen. Interesting name Turkey…

  7. Vash

    Love the fabric you’re stitching Minuit on!

    What is it with cats in bags? I can remember one of Sean’s cats “Titch” getting his head stuck through the handle of a carrier bag and then running around the room in terror because the bag was chasing him.

    Thankfully Turkey doesn’t seem to have the same fear!

  8. AnneS

    Minuit is really taking shape – she’s looking lovely πŸ™‚ And Turkey is a crack-up … cats just love their bags … and boxes … and books/newspapers … and … LOL.


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