A weekend almost Happy Dance

I say almost since I am not quite done this one. This was the piece I challenged myself with for the Friends Gather Stitch-A-Thon. This piece worked for a bunch of SALs and forums for this month, and once I have it finished it will be my SBEBB lottery piece. I still have to do the hardanger bits on the border (which I am scared of – this will be my first ever hardanger), then it’s done.

This is a freebie by Virginie Menzildjan and can be downloaded here.

I used Bravo by Rainbow Gallery for the floss and it worked beautifully with this fabric, I think.

Today is Monday and I have put a few stitches in to TW’s Woodland Faerie. The night is young, though – I will stitch some more and post an image tomorrow!

BTW, Isabelle (and others who are wondering…) – Saskatoon berries are lovely sweet purple berries – very juicy and very delicious in pies, jams, with a tad bit of whipped cream, etc. The only place I know of where they grow is in the Canadian praries, but I imagine they do grow elsewhere. I have never heard of any other name for them, so if anyone knows, please let me know! Many a summer was spent bucket in hand, picking these treats. When we were little, we couldn’t figure out how Mom knew we were eating more than we were picking – our mouths were the tell-tale purple! Even as an adult, not much gets in the pail!


8 thoughts on “A weekend almost Happy Dance

  1. Isabelle

    Wow Christine, your sampler is gorgeous! Virginie Menzildjan is one of my fav designers. I absolutely love your choice of thread and fabric colours.
    Don’t worry about the Hardanger, it really is scary as long as you don’t try it. I’m sure yours will come out great.

    Thanks for the info about Saskatoon berries… I’m jealous LOL.

  2. Jenna

    Don’t fret the hardanger, just jump in with both feet and cut! My advice is always to make sure you count correctly before you cut and make sure your scissors are in the right place. Otherwise, just do it! 😀

  3. Heather

    Do you have a picture of the berries Christine? If I could see what they looked like, I might be able to tell you a different name for them.

  4. AnneS

    Your sampler is turning out just beautiful – the thread you’ve used for it is stunning 🙂 So far my best intentions haven’t seen me get my sampler stitched for the FGBB … hmmm.


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