Woodland Faerie progress pic!

Monday was TW SAL day, and I got the first stitches in! There isn’t as much as I would like to show, but most of what I did yesterday is over one stitches. I wanted to get as much done on her face as possible, so her hair is done (mostly)and next week I should manage to finish her face. This is a SAL I am doing with Dawn, so you can pop over and check out her progress.

Today I plan on finishing my valentine exchange and stitch a bit on Gifts by the Sea. It has been a while since I posted a photo of that, so you should see some good progress on that tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Woodland Faerie progress pic!

  1. Isabelle

    I think that’s really good progress Christine!
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing Gifts by the Sea again too. 🙂 Hugs!

  2. Nicki

    She’s looking good! I forgot to say thank you for the tag by the way. You’re right – Bon Jovi and coffee, how much better could it get!

  3. AnneS

    Woodland Fairy is taking shape already – that over-one is a pain to do, but it does look awesome when it’s stitched up 🙂


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