I won at poker last night. Again. Hee.

I was good this time – I din’t spend it on stash. Kimber has a whole bunch of permission forms for things coming up for Sparks and school that I am left with $5. Yippee. Oh, well – that is my buy-in for the next game (though I do need some floss…).

I didn’t do a whole lot of stitching this weekend, I just did not feel like it. Seems I have encountered my first stitching slump of 2006. Not sure what to do about that. I still need to do the finishing on the valentines exchange (which needs to be done soon – it is going overseas and the deadline is fast approaching). I am working on a little giftie for a friend and it is taking much longer than I anticipated (pretty though – I will have to stitch one for myself), and I also have to do up my February Blahs exchange piece for the Needle and Thread BB. Fortunately that isn’t going far and it should be a quick stitch as I have it all kitted up now.

If you haven’t seen it yet, jump over to Kali’s blog and see her Earthdancer all done – fantastic. This piece is definatly going to be my next new start.


4 thoughts on “Heee.

  1. Carol

    Congratulations on your poker win!!! How nice of you to give the money to Kimber for her social life 🙂 Good Mommy!

    Thanks, too, for pointing me over to Kali’s gorgeous happy dance!

  2. Stitch

    Yeehaw go Christine!!! 🙂 A poker chica! I like it!! I play sometimes myself..just online tho. I’m afraid of losing real money..LOL No worries about a stitchy slump..we all go through them sometimes. 🙂 Perk up buttercup…just take some time for yourself and you’ll be back to stitchin in no time!



  3. AnneS

    We all have those stitching slumps where a needle has no interest at all … just ride it out until the time is ride for jumping back in with a vengeance 🙂 Great poker win, and a nice way to spend it :))

  4. Kali

    Thanks Christine 🙂 I’m still bouncing off the walls from excitement that she’s finally finished. Now I can’t wait to get out and find her a frame 🙂
    Not to worry about the stitching slump, those come and go all the time here as well.


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