Free to give away: One can of Slump-b-Gone!

Seems my slump got up and left. Yay!!

Friday evening I got the urge to pick up Minuit. I did enough progress, I think, that I can update my bar. Based on my super-fantastic-scientific-guessing-method of tracking my progress, I am at about 10% done.

Isn’t she pretty? Swoon!

No stitching was done at our sleep over – and I had no reason to think I would get any done so I didn’t even pack it. Considering we had awful weather and therefore 12 girls and 4 women were stuck inside, we had loads of fun. It was a wonderful learning experience for me, who had never done it before, so I look forward to the next time.

Last night Scott and I watched the Superbowl and it was fun. I, of course, stitched, and so missed most of the “fantastic plays” which drove Scott nuts. All I was interested in really was the final numbers. In the final few seconds of the game, the Seahawks made a last ditch effort with a fantastic long pass – had they made it, I would have been 1 point away from my chosen score and spread, and would probably be a few more stash pieces richer. But, alas. At least I watched the game! And I am about half way done with my stitching of my Needle and Thread exchange piece (which I can’t share with you yet. Sorry).

13 thoughts on “Free to give away: One can of Slump-b-Gone!

  1. Carol

    Middy looks stunning!!!! I think you made the ultimate fabric choice with her!!! No stitching during a sleepover? Surprise! LOL!!

  2. Von

    Christine, I can’t understand why your dh was upset over you missing the big plays – that’s what instant replays are for, right!! Lol! Sorry you missed out on winning new stash. 😦
    M. is looking sooo beautiful!

  3. Litla Skvís

    She is looking beautiful and I am so in love with the fabric!!

    Glad your slump is gone, I hate when the slumps visits my house, I somehow feel so useless :-/

  4. Terri

    She is so pretty and as everyone else is saying…I love that fabric!! I didn’t watch the Superbowl. My friends at work didn’t understand why I didn’t watch it but I told them I’m not into the sport and sorry I didn’t get caught in the home team excitement. But shopping during the game was fantastic!!! The stores were empty and the traffic was like a ghost town. Effortless shopping. Let’s have a superbowl game every Sunday!


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