New designs!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was quite nice. We managed to hook up with some friends we had not seen in about 7 months (in fact, this sampler was done for them), and we finally got to meet their beautiful little boy. What a doll. Yep, just about time for another one for us!

Yesterday I spent some time in the World of Warcraft, then some time working on some blackwork. It stitches up fairly quickly, but true to form, Sister Rips-A-Lot struck again – I am off by one thread. So, I need to frog almost all of what I have done. Serves me right for trying to stitch while watching the olympics.

I found the women’s 3000 speed skating competition quite exciting – an unknown came through and won the gold by blowing all the other times out of the water – and you can’t help but feel excited for her. It may just be my mindset this year, but it seems there is more comraderie with these Olympics than in the past – everyone is cheering for everyone, no matter what the nation they represent. The best example of this was the men’s halfpike snowboarding – the competitors ran out after someone finished his run and congratulated him, like they were all grand friends. It would be nice if world leaders could learn that.

Ok, I will get down off my podium now (ha ha!), and get on to more important things – the new designs released at the Nashville show!! If you haven’t seen the new designs yet, they are worth it! You can check them out here. Above all, my favourite piece is the M Designs Snowflake – fantastic!!!! I really hope she continues in this vein – I think this is her best work so far. I would love to see something in other languages – like “winter”, “hiver” etc in the same pattern. ooo! Can you imagine?

On the whole, the new designs are fantastic. There will be a number of them going on my wishlist. I am not too excited over the Mirabilia Fairy. For some reason it doesn’t sing to me. Perhaps with other colours, maybe…

14 thoughts on “New designs!!

  1. Kali

    Thanks for the link to the Nashville stuff Christine! I’ve been hunting about on a few sites this morning, this one is great 🙂

  2. Stephanie


    I found your link through another stitcher’s blog site. It’s nice to see someone else mention World of Warcraft. What server are you on?

  3. Jenna

    Nice to see some of the goodies from Nashville. I’d love to find a comprehensive list of what was released, as I know there was at least one designer who was making her US debut who has incredible designs that I want to buy! 😀 I can’t wait to see Bobbie’s (Stitching Bits & Bobs) list when she comes back, as well!

    The new Mira holiday fairy isn’t too bad. I’m sure you’ll see lots of color changes once people stitch it. And her choice of fabric color has been … um … less than flattering of late. Wait until you see it stitched on a custom fabric and you’ll probably like it a lot more. 🙂

  4. Nicki

    Thanks for the link to the Nashville stuff! Thank goodness nothing so far screams to me 🙂 I quite like the fairy, but those kits are just too expensive for what they are – especially as the fabric would need changing!

  5. Valerie (grvlgal)

    Thanks for the link to the Nashville stuff. I *LOVE* that snowflake, too! And the Dragon Dreams releases, and most of those FF ornaments. Ahhhhhh, my wish list just got longer! Maybe I shouldn’t be thanking you! *lol*

  6. Litla Skvís

    I so agree about the M-design snowflake! It is so pretty!!!! MUST MUST MUST have!

    Not sure about the Mirabilia Fairy either. I thought the Christmas one was very pretty, but I am not sure about this one yet.

  7. Carina

    Christine, I’d love to see your blackwork project. I have a freebie pattern I want to start, but wasn’t sure if it was as simple as backstitching or if there is some “trick” to it! Any tips would be appreciated!

    And thanks for the link to the new stuff out of Nashville. Now I have something to do as soon as my four little darlings are in bed…besides more laundry! 🙂

  8. Anne

    Yeah, I agree the fairy is flat and I like the snowflake. Thanks for the links sat and looked for toooo long. Happy Stitchin Anne L

  9. Jenneke

    Hi christine, I really loved watching the 3000m women speed skating match too! First and second place for the Dutch! As I am from the Netherlands, I was deeply moved.

    Thank you for providing the nashville link!

  10. Carol

    Thanks for the Nashville link…. it is going to KILL my stash diet if I go and look!!! I miss hearing from you and hope I did not offend you in any way?? Take care!


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