What’s this?

An update photo? Gasp!!!

And on Woodland Faerie, no less!

That’s right, I actually stitched on something I was supposed to yesterday. The photo is a tad washed out, but you can see she has a face now. It’s a little sad that three hours of work only fills in one square inch of fabric, but the detail is stunning.

And now some comments on comments (thanks for all of them, by the way – I love seeing them!):

Y’all are welcome for the Nashville link, though I can’t take the credit – Dani had this link posted on the Needle and Thread BB on Sunday. I am glad I am not alone in being excited about a lot of these designs. They are going on my wishlist, though, since I am a Stash-Only-Stitcher this year.

Stephanie – I am on a few different servers. If you want a listing of my servers and characters, send me an email – it’s in my profile (that goes for anyone else who plays as well – the more the merrier!)

Jenna – I think you are right – once some of the colours are changed and the fabric is improved, the new Mira fairy may be more attractive. I am not big on pastel colours, and like them even less in my stitching. Perhaps a lovely purple dress…

Carina – You may want to check out this link (I think this was posted on the Friends Gather BB) for some info on blackwork. The piece I am working on is available here. Just click on “Grilles Gratuites”, and the piece I am doing is “Blackwork”. I am doing like a reversible backstitching, but honestly I have no idea if what I am doing is correct. It looks nice, so I will continue with that.

Carol (and others wondering about my silence) – No, no, no!!!! Being a computer orphan has severly limited my computer time and I have been burning through the blogs and bulletin boards. I am sorry I am not as chatty as normal – I am still enjoying all the blogs I read and the work being done there. I will endevor to tell you all more frequently!


12 thoughts on “What’s this?

  1. Stitchie Kiwi

    She does look stunning … and that over one work is hard, and slow, going – so you’ve made great progress 🙂

  2. Outi

    She’s a beauty. 🙂

    And btw, I found few nice ones behind that Nashville link also (and oh my how much drool I had to wipe off from my keyboard after window shopping…). Now I just need to rob a bank or marry a rich man… *lol*

  3. Von

    Wow! The stitching on her face is amazing – very life-like!!
    Having to share a computer is just not fun. It’s nice to hear from you when you get a chance for a turn! 😀

  4. Lili

    Wow! She has a very beautiful lifelike face! That petit point work is definitely worth it!
    Like you, I wish we could find designs with French and English together… There is one on DMC’s site that says merry Xmas in many different languages, but these things are scarce…
    Thanks for all the links!
    I read your blog often, but I don’t know why, there is always something happening at home at that moment that keeps me from commenting… So, now that I have the chance, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate it!
    Take care!


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