Today’s Stitching Blogger’s Question was suggested by Heather:

Comment on your comments (giving and recieving): Do you love comments
or hate them? Do you check them every day, never check them, or find them helpful? And finally, are you convinced no one is reading your blog if you don’t get any?

Well firstly, this is a perfectly timed question. Tomorrow (the 17th) marks my one year blogging anniversary!! (You can check out my first post here.)

I love getting comments. When I received my first ever non-family comment (two in one day, from Lilie and from Isabelle), I literally jumped from my chair and did a happy dance. It is one thing to know that people are reading your blog (and my counter had been telling me many people had for a while), but to have someone actually leave a comment, Wow!! Now it is almost a daily occurance, and I love it. I am not so good at leaving comments, but I am trying to improve that! Thanks so much to everyone who has read my blog – it may be my journal, but it has introduced me to some wonderful new friends!


10 thoughts on “The SBQ

  1. Shelleen

    I read your blog everyday and don’t usually post. I am wondering if alot of bloggers read mine and don’t post. it is nice to read comments isn’t it?

  2. Isabelle

    I can’t believe I was among the first to comment on your blog! I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog since I know it. I LOVE commenting on my friends’ blogs (and getting comments on mine, of course!). That’s my way of smiling to my friends even when they’re far, far away 🙂

    Hugs and a good day to you, Christine! 🙂

  3. Autumn

    I’ve been reading your blog frequently, but I don’t recall if I ever commented. I’m trying to get better about that too.

  4. Dawn

    I was the same way when I got my first comment. I remember telling my hubby that someone actually does read my blog and dancing around the place. LOL

  5. Cindy

    Congratualations on your blogging anniversary! I’m guilty of reading and “lurking”…I need to be better about that!!

  6. Jenna

    I try to comment on as many blogs as I can, but it’s tough to keep up with everyone’s posts. It’s funny how the comments pick up a little while after you start, isn’t it? Takes a while to pick up a following, but once you have it… woohoo! 😀

  7. Bastet

    It took a bit of link following and comment leaving before I got a hit on my blog. though it did help a little that a fellow stitcher from a board I was on knew I was starting a blog. so I was quite commfy in leaving comments on her board. Now it’s just a bit of stretch to keep up with everyone!

  8. Renee

    I am another who is guilty of not commenting on your blog very often, but I read it almost every day. Happy Blog Day Christine!

  9. Witchypoos

    Another who mostly lurks …. Often I do not leave a message as someone else has always got in first with what i would have said – But your on my list of blogs I always read …. May be I will just leave you a Smile =) now and again !


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