I received my February Blah’s exchange piece from Dani yesterday. What a fantastic present!

Inside the beautiful bag was a bunch of kisses (that are mostly gone now, thanks to Lauryn!) and the lovely fob. I now have to get a new pair of scissor to go with it! Thanks so much, Dani!

Not much else to report today, so I leave you with Lauryn, looking beautiful:


16 thoughts on “Gifties!

  1. Valerie (grvlgal)

    What a great gift, and a great picgure of Lauryn. 🙂

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels compelled to get a new pair of scissors every time I get a new fob! *lol*

  2. Dipsy D.

    Such a lovely bag, I absolutely adore the little heart on it! And the pic of Lauryn is fantastic!
    Best wishes from Austria!

  3. Lili

    Lauryn looks so happy! My daughter has been to school since she was two and a half -not because I work (I don’t anymore), but because she wanted to- and she misses her friends a lot during the holidays! Putting her at school almost broke my heart, though…
    But I feel relieved I don’t have anymore babies to look after…
    Take care!


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