Blackwork and Bobsledding

I did a bit of blackwork last night, while watching the Monty Python special on PBS. Well, I did a bit of frogging. Then some stitching. I frogged almost as much as I stitched. And so, my progress:

If I don’t frog next time, and I watch a show that isn’t as appealling (I also spent a lot of time laughing and watching – it was Monty Python, after all!), I should get most of it finished. Actual stitching time last night was maybe a half hour.

On to bobsledding. I stole this from Belinda because I thought it was funny:

You Are Bobsledding

You’re not a world class athlete, but you are a world class maniac.
Your need for speed could have you blazing past the finish line!

I think this could be fun. It is not as dangerous as the skeleton, but still more exciting than curling. I may have to take it up one day!


11 thoughts on “Blackwork and Bobsledding

  1. Kim

    Your progress looks great. Sorry to hear about the frogging, I hate it when that happens to me.

    I like bobsledding too, but can you believe how narrow that track is and people standing right next too it…crazy! I couldn’t believe it when they said they were going up to 81mph!

  2. AnneS

    Your blackwork piece is looking good – I agree with you it’s hard to concentrate with Monty Python … I tried doing it the other week with Life of Brian, and gave up LOL. Love your exchange piece from Dani too – gorgeous little bag and scissors fob 🙂

  3. Jenna

    I caught some of that special last night. No way you can stitch because you have to concentrate on MP. 🙂

    I scored bobsledding on that quiz, too. Two wild and crazy gals! 😉

  4. Carina

    Your blackwork is looking gorgeous! I’m impressed that you even tried to stitch during the Monty Python special. I had to put my stitching down within the first 5 minutes!!!

  5. Kath

    Don’t ya hate that frog Christine?? Still, progress was made. Love the colours.

    I loved the pic of Lauryn too (we have a Lauren and we wished we had spelt her name the same as your Lauryn and I am a Kathryn) but as she is nearly 20 now, it seems a bit silly!! LOL Ahhhhh


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