Quick update

Ok, first things first.

Dani received her February Blah’s exchange piece.

You will note you have not seen the back. There is a reason behind my madness – it’s crooked! I never said I was a seamstress, and I am a stitcher first. lol! Anyhoo – I am pleased with the stitching. The pattern is a freebie by Alodi Wolfsong of FieldAnForest. Sorry, I don’t recall the website I got it from, but I can email out the .pdf if you want it.

This package brings up a bone to pick with our postal service. I paid extra (ok, not extra as I have a business account so it works out the same…) to ship this expedited delivery, guaranteed in two business days. I went to the post office on Monday. Now, even if I had missed the cut off for Monday’s shipments, it would have been sent Tuesday, and in Dani’s hands on Thursday. It arrived Friday. I know, it is only one day, but 1)it defeats the purpose of having expedited delivery and 2)she only lives 3 hours away!!!! Three days to get a package only three hours away is silly. Especially since you consider I have had packages arrive in Europe (on more than one occasion, I might add) in a week.

Ok, end rant.

Yesterday Mother Nature decided on a snow fall and so we got dumped on. We got about 5-6 inches of snow (around 13 cm). Not really much of an issue, but it made the roads very slippery. I thought it couldn’t be that bad, but after taking Scott in to work and ending up sideways on the highway, I changed my mind. I had to be out though, so off we went. Later in the day we made it over to the Knowledge and Needles open house (I’m pretty sure I was the last customer Ann had yesterday), and I jumped off the wagon slightly to pick up a few things. I now have some lovely snips to grace Dani’s pretty fob. I wasn’t allowed to drive myself down (remember that sideways on the highway comment?), so Scott drove all of us down and finally met the wonderful owners of the shop – he even kept us up chatting Nascar with Dan.

Oh, yes – what did I get? I got “Magic in my Needle” by Dragon Dreams, “Gabriel the Messenger” by Stoney Creek, and a new pair of snips. Yay! Plus ooodles of shop freebies. This should keep me busy for some time now.

Question – does anyone know the designer of “Gabriel the Messenger”? There is no credit other than Stoney Creek and I wouldn’t mind knowing…

Today I am off to visit my pal Rebecca for a SAL. I plan to finish a few smaller projects I have on the go since when I am there we can get a good few hours of stitching in. Maybe I will have some photos for you tomorrow! Til then…


14 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Kiwi Jo

    That’s a great exchange Christine! I’ll spare you my thoughts on the USPS 🙂 Hope you enjoy your SAL and have lots of photos to show us.

  2. Isabelle

    It’s really pretty, Christine! 🙂 You did a great job with it.

    I had to giggle about Monty Python. We have the Flying Circus DVD series and if there’s a series I can’t stitch to, it’s this! Just can’t ;D

    You’ll have to show us your snips adorned with Dani’s fob 🙂 BTW, the other day my sis was admiring the fob you made for mine! 😉 I LOVE it! Soo handy to see my pair among my sewing mess 😉

    Have a good week, my friend!

  3. Jenna

    I already commented on the piece on Dani’s blog, but you did a fabulous job, Christine! It’s gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind have a copy of that .PDF file, when you get a chance. 😉

    I wish we had gotten some of that snow, but I guess we’re too far south. We got some flurries this morning, but it didn’t really take and now the sun is out. Oh well!

    Oh, and one last thing. I believe that Stoney Creek Designs are done by Marilyn Vredevelt, as its her company. HTH

  4. gC

    Greetings from The Beyond, Christine! lol >just kidding< Anyway... looks like you have quite a nice little project there with that celtic heart. Um... would you mind sending me a copy of that pdf too?!? Please, please, please??? Okay, I'll stop begging. Keep up the good stitching and see you next time.

  5. BeckySC

    Very nice, Christine 🙂
    I know the P.O. woes…I paid over 28.00 to send a package to Singapore that was suppose to arrive within 7-10 days and it took 52 days. I am weary now of paying the extra, as I could have sent it a lot cheaper slow boat-to have it arrive 52 days later. I complained to my postal service and they told me they have no control over anything once it leaves the U.S-I still pay pretty high shipping charges as I send a lot of packages across the pond-but none of them have taken that long again. One of the clerks told me not to waste my money buying insurance, registering as the customs form was used for traking. Since then I have not taken any steps with extra “Costs” outside the U.S.

  6. gC

    Greetings again from The Dummy. It just dawned on me that it is a little bit difficult to have you send me a pdf of the celtic heart pattern if I don’t tell you where to send it…


    That should do it. Take care and happy stitchy!

  7. Outi

    Google is our friend, and in case you want to add link for that *.pdf it’s in my name. 😉

    Lovely piece, btw. 🙂

  8. Kali

    Looks great Christine! As for your question on the Stoney Creek design, they do most of their own designing nothing is attributed to a specific designer other than a licened image that is translated into cross stitch. If there is something specific about it you need to know I can try to find out as I stitch with 2 ladies who work there.

  9. AnneS

    Love your February Blahs exchange for Dani – turned out just great! Sorry to hear about the postal system too, but I think it’s the same worldwide! I can receive something more quickly from the UK/USA (usually) than something from NZ … go figure!


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