Woodland Faerie Update

Just a quick posting today. I managed to get some time in on my Woodland Faerie last night.

I was getting bored with the over one so I added a bit of her dress. She is starting to look quite lovely!

Thanks for your ideas on the blackwork. I like the idea of a pinkeep, but I suspect it may be too big for that as well. Maybe I will keep it in my finishes box and let the idea percolate for a while.


8 thoughts on “Woodland Faerie Update

  1. Kim

    Such a pretty project! Love the colors. 😀 I was reading the comments on the blackwork and I also like Isabelle’s suggestion for a sachet, if it’s the right size that would be a lovely way to use it. I’m sure you will be inspired.

  2. Von

    She really IS looking lovely, Christine. 😀
    I’d probably keep the blackwork piece set aside for awhile too. You never know when inspiration will strike, altho the sachet suggestion from Isabelle is a nice one.

  3. Jenneke

    ‘percolate’ what a great verb. Never heard that one before. English is such a rich language considering verbs. Great work on the woodland fairy. I really enjoy watching this one grow.


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